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This reference describes the classes of the python gobject module.

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PyGlibClass Reference
glib.MainContext — an object representing a set of event sources to be handled in a glib.MainLoop.
glib.MainLoop — an object representing the main event loop of a PyGTK application.
glib Functions — miscellaneous functions
glib Constants — the built-in constants of the glib module
PyGObject Class Reference
gobject.GObject — the base class
gobject.GBoxed — an object containing an opaque chunk of data
gobject.GPointer — an object containing a completely opaque chunk of data
gobject.GInterface — an object representing a GInterface
gobject Functions — miscellaneous functions
gobject Constants — the built-in constants of the gobject module
PyGio Class Reference
gio.AppInfo — Information about an installed application and methods to launch it (with file arguments).
gio.AppLaunchContext — Application launch context.
gio.AsyncResult — Asynchronous Function Results.
gio.BufferedInputStream — Buffered Input Stream
gio.BufferedOutputStream — Buffered Output Stream
gio.Cancellable — Thread-safe Operation Cancellation Stack.
gio.DataInputStream — Data Input Stream
gio.DataOutputStream — Data Output Stream
gio.Drive — Virtual File System drive management.
gio.Emblem — An object for emblems.
gio.EmblemedIcon — Icon with emblems.
gio.File — File and Directory Handling.
gio.FileAttributeInfo — Information about a specific attribute.
gio.FileEnumerator — Enumerated Files Routines.
gio.FileIcon — Icons pointing to an image file.
gio.FileInfo — File Information and Attributes
gio.FileInputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
gio.FileMonitor — File Monitor
gio.FileOutputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
gio.FilterInputStream — Filter Input Stream
gio.FilterOutputStream — Filter Output Stream
gio.Icon — Interface for icons.
gio.InputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
gio.LoadableIcon — Interface for icons.
gio.MemoryInputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
gio.MemoryOutputStream — Streaming output operations on memory chunks
gio.Mount — Mount management
gio.MountOperation — Authentication methods for mountable locations.
gio.OutputStream — Base class for implementing streaming input
gio.Seekable — Stream seeking interface.
gio.SimpleAsyncResult — Simple asynchronous results implementation.
gio.ThemedIcon — Icon theming support.
gio.Volume — Volume management.
gio.VolumeMonitor — Volume Monitor.
gio Functions
gio Constants — the built-in constants of the gio module
PyGio Unix Class Reference
gio.unix.InputStream — Streaming input operations for UNIX file descriptors.
gio.unix.OutputStream — Streaming output operations for UNIX file descriptors.
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