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): gio.EmblemedIcon(icon, emblem)
def add_emblem(emblem)
def get_icon()


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gio.EmblemedIcon

Implemented Interfaces

gio.EmblemedIcon implements gio.Icon


The gio.EmblemedIcon class is an implementation of gio.Icon that supports adding an emblem to an icon. Adding multiple emblems to an icon is ensured via gio.EmblemedIcon.add_emblem().

Note that gio.EmblemedIcon allows no control over the position of the emblems. See also gio.Emblem for more information.


    gio.EmblemedIcon(icon, emblem)

icon :

a gio.Icon.

emblem :

a gio.Emblem.

Returns :

a new gio.Icon.

Creates a new gio.Icon for icon with the emblem emblem.



    def add_emblem(emblem)

emblem :

a gio.Emblem

The add_emblem() method adds emblem to the list of gio.Emblems.


    def get_icon()

Returns :

a gio.Icon that is owned by emblemed.

The get_icon() method gets the main icon for emblemed.

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