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These functions are part of the PyGObject gio module but are not directly associated with a specific class



    def content_type_can_be_executable(type)

type :

a content type string.

Returns :

True if the file type corresponds to a type that can be executable, False otherwise.

The content_type_can_be_executable() function checks if a content type can be executable. Note that for instance things like text files can be executables (i.e. scripts and batch files).


    def content_type_equals(type1, type2)

type1 :

a content type string.

type2 :

a content type string.

Returns :

True if the two strings are identical or equivalent, False otherwise.

The content_type_equals() function compares two content types for equality.


    def content_type_from_mime_type(mime_type)

mime_type :

a mime type string.

Returns :

The content type or None when does not know.

The content_type_from_mime_type() function tries to find a content type based on the mime type name.


    def content_type_get_description(type)

type :

a content type string.

Returns :

a short description of the content type type.

The content_type_get_description() function gets the human readable description of the content type.


    def content_type_get_icon(type)

type :

a content type string.

Returns :

A gio.Icon corresponding to the content type.

The content_type_get_icon() function gets the icon for a content type.


    def content_type_get_mime_type(type)

type :

a content type string.

Returns :

the registered mime-type for the given type, or None if unknown.

The content_type_get_mime_type() function gets the mime-type for the content type. If one is registered


    def content_type_guess(filename, data, want_uncertain)

filename :

a string, or None.

data :

a stream of data, or None.

want_uncertain :

a flag indicating the certainty of the result.

Returns :

a string indicating a guessed content type for the given data.

The content_type_guess() function guesses the content type based on example data. If the function is uncertain, result_uncertain will be set to True. Either filename or data may be None, in which case the guess will be based solely on the other argument.


    def content_type_is_a(type, supertype)

type :

a content type string.

supertype :

a string.

Returns :

True if type is a kind of supertype, False otherwise.

The content_type_is_a() function determines if type is a subset of supertype.


    def content_type_is_unknown(type)

type :

a content type string.

Returns :

True if the type is the unknown type.

The content_type_is_unknown() function checks if the content type is the generic "unknown" type. On unix this is the "application/octet-stream" mimetype, while on win32 it is "*".


    def content_types_get_registered()

Returns :

a list of the registered content types.

The content_types_get_registered() function gets a list of strings containing all the registered content types known to the system.


    def io_error_from_errno(err_no)

err_no :

Error number.

Returns :

a Gio Error Constants

The io_error_from_errno() function converts error codes into GIO error codes.

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