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): gio.ThemedIcon()
def append_name()
def get_names()
def prepend_name()


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gio.ThemedIcon

gio.ThemedIcon Properties

"name"Write/Contruct Only The icon name. Default value: None
"names"Read/Write/Contruct Only A list of icon names.
"use-default-fallbacks"Read/Write/Contruct Only Whether to use the default fallbacks found by shortening the icon name at '-' characters. If the "names" array has more than one element, ignores any past the first.


gio.ThemedIcon is an implementation of gio.Icon that supports icon themes. GThemedIcon contains a list of all of the icons present in an icon theme, so that icons can be looked up quickly.

gio.ThemedIcon does not provide actual pixmaps for icons, just the icon names. Ideally something like gtk.IconTheme.choose_icon() should be used to resolve the list of names so that fallback icons work nicely with themes that inherit other themes


    gio.ThemedIcon(name, use_default_fallbacks=False)

name :

a string containing an icon name.

Returns :

a new gio.ThemedIcon.

Creates a new themed icon from icon name, if instead of an icon name you provide a list of icon names, the gio.ThemedIcon will be constructed using the items in the list.



    def append_name()

name :

name of icon to append to list of icons from within icon.

The append_name() method appends a name to the list of icons from within icon.


    def get_names()

Returns :

a list of icon names.

The get_names() method gets the names of icons from within icon.


    def prepend_name()

name :

name of icon to prepend to list of icons from within icon.

The prepend_name() method prepends a name to the list of icons from within icon.

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