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): def get_base_stream()
def get_close_base_stream()
def set_close_base_stream(close_base)


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gio.OutputStream
    +-- gio.FilterOutputStream

gio.FilterOutputStream Properties

"base-stream"Read - Write - Construct onlyThe underlying base stream on which the io ops will be done.
"close-base-stream"Read - Write - Construct onlyIf the base stream should be closed when the filter stream is closed. Default value: True.


Filter Output Stream.



    def get_base_stream()

Returns :

A gio.OutputStream

The get_base_stream() method gets the base stream for the filter stream.


    def get_close_base_stream()

Returns :

True if the base stream will be closed.

The get_close_base_stream() method returns whether the base stream will be closed when stream is closed.


    def set_close_base_stream(close_base)

close_base :

True to close the base stream.

The set_close_base_stream() method sets whether the base stream will be closed when stream is closed.

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