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glib.MainContext — an object representing a set of event sources to be handled in a glib.MainLoop.


class glib.MainContext:
def iteration(may_block)
def pending()


+-- glib.MainContext


A glib.MainContext represents a set of event sources that can be run in a single thread. File descriptors (plain files, pipes or sockets) and timeouts are the standard event sources for GTK and PyGTK though others can be added. Each event source is assigned a priority. The default priority, glib.PRIORITY_DEFAULT, is 0. Values less than 0 denote higher priorities. Values greater than 0 denote lower priorities. Events from high priority sources are always processed before events from lower priority sources. Single iterations of a glib.MainContext can be run with the iteration() method.



Returns :

a new glib.MainContext object.

Creates a new glib.MainContext object.



    def iteration()

may_block :

if True the call may block waiting for an event.

Returns :

True if events were dispatched.

The iteration() method runs a single iteration. This involves:

  • checking to see if any associated event sources are ready to be processed;
  • then if no events sources are ready and may_block is True, waiting for a source to become ready;
  • and finally, dispatching the highest priority events sources that are ready

Note that even when may_block is True, it is still possible for iteration() to return False, since the the wait may be interrupted for other reasons than an event source becoming ready.


    def pending()

Returns :

True if events are pending.

The pending() method checks if any associated sources have pending events.

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