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EDSL 6.10 Macros
effective version 5.1 Parallel Installations
Emacs 4.5 Using Guile in Emacs
emacs regexp 6.15 Regular Expressions
embedded domain-specific language 6.10 Macros
encapsulation 6.19 Modules
encoding 6.17.8 Character Encoding of Source Files
encryption 7.2.14 Encryption
End of file object 6.14.2 Reading
end-of-file The End-of-File Object
end-of-line style Transcoders
endianness Endianness
environment 3.4.1 Names, Locations, Values and Environments
environment 6.19.11 Environments
environment 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
environment variables 4.2.2 Environment Variables
environment variables 7.5.36 SRFI-98 Accessing environment variables.
environment, local 3.4.2 Local Variables and Environments
environment, top level 3.4.1 Names, Locations, Values and Environments
EOF The End-of-File Object
equality 6.11.1 Equality
errno 7.2.1 POSIX Interface Conventions
errno 7.2.1 POSIX Interface Conventions
error handling 6.13.8 Exceptions
error-signal 6.13.11 How to Handle Errors
evaluate expression, command-line argument 4.2.1 Command-line Options
exception handling 6.13.8 Exceptions
exceptions 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
exec_prefix 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
export 6.19.3 Creating Guile Modules
expression sequencing 6.13.1 Sequencing and Splicing
extensiondir 5.1 Parallel Installations
extensiondir 6.20.4 Modules and Extensions

ffi 6.20 Foreign Function Interface
file descriptor 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
file locking 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
file name separator 7.2.3 File System
file options File Options
File port File Ports
file system 7.2.3 File System
file system combinator 7.11 File Tree Walk
file system traversal 7.11 File Tree Walk
file tree walk 7.11 File Tree Walk
finalization 6.8 Smobs
finalizer 6.8 Smobs
fine-grain parallelism 6.21.9 Futures
fluids 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
fold-case Case Sensitivity
foreign function interface 6.20 Foreign Function Interface
formatted output 7.10 Formatted Output
functional setters Functional “Setters”
futures 6.21.9 Futures

GC-managed memory 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
Geiser 4.5 Using Guile in Emacs
general cond clause 6.13.2 Simple Conditional Evaluation
GNU triplet 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
GPL The Guile License
group file 7.2.4 User Information
guardians, testing for GC’d objects Hooks for Garbage Collection
guild 4.6 Using Guile Tools
Guile threads 6.21.3 Threads
guile-2 SRFI-0 feature 7.5.2 SRFI-0 - cond-expand
guile-snarf deprecated macros 6.5 Snarfing Macros
guile-snarf example 5.6 Function Snarfing
guile-snarf invocation 5.6 Function Snarfing
guile-snarf recognized macros 6.5 Snarfing Macros
guile-tools 4.6 Using Guile Tools
guileversion 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
GUILE_HISTORY 7.8.1 Loading Readline Support

hash-comma 7.5.9 SRFI-10 - Hash-Comma Reader Extension
higher-order functions 6.9.6 Higher-Order Functions
host name 7.2.12 System Identification
host name lookup getaddrinfo
HTTP 7.3 HTTP, the Web, and All That

i18n 6.24 Support for Internationalization
iconv Representing Strings as Bytes
IEEE-754 floating point numbers Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
if 6.13.2 Simple Conditional Evaluation
includedir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
infodir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
information encapsulation 6.19 Modules
init file, not loading 4.2.1 Command-line Options
initialization 4.2.2 Environment Variables
Initializing Guile 6.4 Initializing Guile
inlining 6.9.9 Inlinable Procedures
instance 8.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
integers as bits 7.5.31 SRFI-60 - Integers as Bits
internationalization 6.24 Support for Internationalization
interpreter 9.3.1 Why a VM?
invocation 4.2 Invoking Guile
invocation (command-line arguments) 4.2.1 Command-line Options
IPv4 IPv4 Address Conversion
IPv6 IPv6 Address Conversion
iteration 6.13.4 Iteration mechanisms

Jaffer, Aubrey 7.1.2 JACAL
julian day SRFI-19 Introduction
julian day SRFI-19 Date

keyword objects 7.5.35 SRFI-88 Keyword Objects

lambda 6.9.1 Lambda: Basic Procedure Creation
LANG 7.2.13 Locales
leap second SRFI-19 Introduction
LGPL The Guile License
libdir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
libexecdir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
libguileinterface 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
LIBS 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
license The Guile License
Line buffered input 7.14 Buffered Input
Line continuation 7.14 Buffered Input
Line input/output 6.14.6 Line Oriented and Delimited Text
list 7.5.3 SRFI-1 - List library
list constructor Constructors
list delete Deleting
list filter Filtering and Partitioning
list fold Fold, Unfold & Map
list map Fold, Unfold & Map
list partition Filtering and Partitioning
list predicate Predicates
list search Searching
list selector Selectors
list set operation Set Operations on Lists
load 6.17.8 Character Encoding of Source Files
load path 4.7 Installing Site Packages
loading srfi modules (command line) 4.2.1 Command-line Options
local bindings 6.12.2 Local Variable Bindings
local environment 3.4.2 Local Variables and Environments
local time 7.2.5 Time
local variable 3.4.2 Local Variables and Environments
local variables 6.12.2 Local Variable Bindings
locale Standard Character Sets
locale 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
locale 7.2.13 Locales
locale category 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
locale object 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
localstatedir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
location 3.4.1 Names, Locations, Values and Environments
looping 6.13.4 Iteration mechanisms
low-level locale information 6.24.5 Accessing Locale Information

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