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7.2.12 System Identification

This section lists the various procedures Guile provides for accessing information about the system it runs on.

Scheme Procedure: uname
C Function: scm_uname ()

Return an object with some information about the computer system the program is running on.

The following procedures accept an object as returned by uname and return a selected component (all of which are strings).

Scheme Procedure: utsname:sysname un

The name of the operating system.

Scheme Procedure: utsname:nodename un

The network name of the computer.

Scheme Procedure: utsname:release un

The current release level of the operating system implementation.

Scheme Procedure: utsname:version un

The current version level within the release of the operating system.

Scheme Procedure: utsname:machine un

A description of the hardware.

Scheme Procedure: gethostname
C Function: scm_gethostname ()

Return the host name of the current processor.

Scheme Procedure: sethostname name
C Function: scm_sethostname (name)

Set the host name of the current processor to name. May only be used by the superuser. The return value is not specified.

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