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4.6 Using Guile Tools

Guile also comes with a growing number of command-line utilities: a compiler, a disassembler, some module inspectors, and in the future, a system to install Guile packages from the internet. These tools may be invoked using the guild program.

$ guild compile -o foo.go foo.scm
wrote `foo.go'

This program used to be called guile-tools up to Guile version 2.0.1, and for backward compatibility it still may be called as such. However we changed the name to guild, not only because it is pleasantly shorter and easier to read, but also because this tool will serve to bind Guile wizards together, by allowing hackers to share code with each other using a CPAN-like system.

See section Compiling Scheme Code, for more on guild compile.

A complete list of guild scripts can be had by invoking guild list, or simply guild.

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