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Part I. GStreamer Base Plugins Libraries

Table of Contents

Compiling — How to compile against the base plugins libraries
Allocators Library
GstDmaBufAllocator — Memory wrapper for Linux dmabuf memory
GstFdAllocator — Memory wrapper for fd backed memory
GstPhysMemoryAllocator — Interface for allocators that pass around physical memory addresses
App Library
GstAppSrc — Easy way for applications to inject buffers into a pipeline
GstAppSink — Easy way for applications to extract samples from a pipeline
Audio Library
GstAudio — Support library for audio elements
GstAudioDownmixMeta — Buffer metadata for audio downmix matrix handling
GstAudioAggregator — Base class that manages a set of audio input pads with the purpose of aggregating or mixing their raw audio input buffers
GstAudioCdSrc — Base class for Audio CD sources
GstAudioClock — Helper object for implementing audio clocks
GstAudioDecoder — Base class for audio decoders
GstAudioEncoder — Base class for audio encoders
GstAudioFilter — Base class for simple audio filters
GstAudioSink — Simple base class for audio sinks
GstAudioSrc — Simple base class for audio sources
GstAudioBaseSink — Base class for audio sinks
GstAudioBaseSrc — Base class for audio sources
Audio-channels — Support library for audio channel handling
GstAudioRingBuffer — Base class for audio ringbuffer implementations
GstAudio IEC61937 — Utility functions for IEC 61937 payloading
GstStreamVolume — Interface for elements that provide a stream volume
FFT Library
GstFFT — General FFT functions and declarations
GstFFTS16 — FFT functions for signed 16 bit integer samples
GstFFTS32 — FFT functions for signed 32 bit integer samples
GstFFTF32 — FFT functions for 32 bit float samples
GstFFTF64 — FFT functions for 64 bit float samples
Riff Media Library
Riff utilities — Riff fileformat utillity functions.
RTP Library
GstRTPBaseAudioPayload — Base class for audio RTP payloader
GstRTPBaseDepayload — Base class for RTP depayloader
GstRTPBasePayload — Base class for RTP payloader
GstRTPBuffer — Helper methods for dealing with RTP buffers
GstRTCPBuffer — Helper methods for dealing with RTCP buffers
GstRTPPayloadInfo — Helper methods for dealing with RTP payloads
GstRtphdrext — Helper methods for dealing with RTP header extensions
RTSP Library
GstRTSPConnection — manage RTSP connections
GstRtspdefs — common RTSP defines
GstRTSPExtension — Interface for extending RTSP protocols
GstRTSPMessage — RTSP messages
GstRTSPTimeRange — dealing with time ranges
GstRTSPRange — dealing with RTSP transports
GstRTSPUrl — handling RTSP urls
SDP Library
GstSDPMessage — Helper methods for dealing with SDP messages
MIKEY Library
GstMIKEYMessage — Helper methods for dealing with MIKEY messages
Tag Support Library
Tags — additional tag definitions for plugins and applications
GstVorbisTag — tag mappings and support functions for plugins dealing with vorbiscomments
ID3 tag utils — tag mappings and support functions for plugins dealing with ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
GstExiftag — tag mappings and support functions for plugins dealing with exif tags
GstXmptag — tag mappings and support functions for plugins dealing with xmp packets
GstTagXmpWriter — Interface for elements that provide XMP serialization
GstTagDemux — Base class for demuxing tags that are in chunks directly at the beginning or at the end of a file
GstTagMux — Base class for adding tags that are in one single chunk directly at the beginning or at the end of a file
ISO-639 lang mappings — mappings for ISO-639 language codes and names
Licenses — utility functions for Creative Commons licenses
Base Utils Library
Pbutils — General Application and Plugin Utility Library
Version — GStreamer gst-plugins-base libraries version macros.
Codec utilities — Miscellaneous codec-specific utility functions
Descriptions — Provides human-readable descriptions for caps/codecs and encoder, decoder, URI source and URI sink elements
Missing plugins — Create, recognise and parse missing-plugins messages
Install-plugins — Missing plugin installation support for applications
GstDiscoverer — Utility for discovering information on URIs.
GstEncodingProfile — Encoding profile library
Video Library
GstVideoAlignment — Support library for video operations
GstVideoOverlayRectangle — Video Buffer Overlay Compositions (Subtitles, Logos)
GstVideoFilter — Base class for video filters
GstVideoDither — Utility object for dithering and quantizing lines of video
GstVideoChromaResample — Functions and utility object for operating on chroma video planes
GstVideoResampler — Utility structure for resampler information
GstVideoScaler — Utility object for rescaling video frames
GstVideoSink — Base class for video sinks
GstColorBalance — Interface for adjusting color balance settings
GstColorBalanceChannel — Object representing a channel from the GstColorBalance interface.
GstVideoDirection — Interface for elements providing video rotation and flipping controls
GstVideoOrientation — Interface for elements providing video orientation controls
GstVideoOverlay — Interface for setting/getting a window system resource on elements supporting it to configure a window into which to render a video.
GstVideoDecoder — Base class for video decoders
GstVideoEncoder — Base class for video encoders
GstVideoBufferPool — GstBufferPool for raw video buffers
GstNavigation — Interface for creating, sending and parsing navigation events.
OpenGL Integration Library
GstGLAPI — OpenGL API specific functionality
GstGLBaseFilterGstBaseTransform subclass for transforming OpenGL resources
GstGLBaseMemory — memory subclass for GL buffers
GstGLBuffer — memory subclass for GL buffers
GstGLBufferPool — buffer pool for GstGLBaseMemory objects
GstGLColorConvert — convert between video color spaces and formats
GstGLContext — OpenGL context abstraction
GstGLDisplay — window system display connection abstraction
GstEGLImage — EGLImage abstraction
GstGLFilter — GstBaseTransform subclass for dealing with RGBA textures
GstGLFramebuffer — OpenGL framebuffer abstraction
GstGLMemory — memory subclass for GL textures
GstGLMemoryEGL — memory subclass for EGLImage's
GstGLMemoryPBO — memory subclass for GL textures
GstGLOverlayCompositor — Composite multiple overlays using OpenGL
GstGLQuery — OpenGL query abstraction
GstGLRenderBuffer — memory subclass for GL renderbuffer objects
GstGLShader — object representing an OpenGL shader program
GstGLSL — helpers for dealing with OpenGL shaders
GstGLSLStage — object for dealing with OpenGL shader stages
GstGLSyncMeta — synchronization primitives
GstGLUpload — an object that uploads to GL textures
GstGLViewConvert — convert between steroscopic/multiview video formats
GstGLWindow — window/surface abstraction
OpenGL debugging — helper routines for dealing with OpenGL debugging
GstGLFormat — utilities for dealing with OpenGL formats
GstGLUtils — some miscellaneous utilities for OpenGL

This manual describes the libraries provided by the GStreamer Base Plugins package.

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