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Audio Library

GstAudio — Support library for audio elements
GstAudioDownmixMeta — Buffer metadata for audio downmix matrix handling
GstAudioAggregator — Base class that manages a set of audio input pads with the purpose of aggregating or mixing their raw audio input buffers
GstAudioCdSrc — Base class for Audio CD sources
GstAudioClock — Helper object for implementing audio clocks
GstAudioDecoder — Base class for audio decoders
GstAudioEncoder — Base class for audio encoders
GstAudioFilter — Base class for simple audio filters
GstAudioSink — Simple base class for audio sinks
GstAudioSrc — Simple base class for audio sources
GstAudioBaseSink — Base class for audio sinks
GstAudioBaseSrc — Base class for audio sources
Audio-channels — Support library for audio channel handling
GstAudioRingBuffer — Base class for audio ringbuffer implementations
GstAudio IEC61937 — Utility functions for IEC 61937 payloading
GstStreamVolume — Interface for elements that provide a stream volume

This library should be linked to by getting cflags and libs from gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0.pc and adding -lgstaudio-1.0 to the library flags.

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