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GstAudioSrc — Simple base class for audio sources

Types and Values

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GInitiallyUnowned
        ╰── GstObject
            ╰── GstElement
                ╰── GstBaseSrc
                    ╰── GstPushSrc
                        ╰── GstAudioBaseSrc
                            ╰── GstAudioSrc


#include <gst/audio/gstaudiosrc.h>


This is the most simple base class for audio sources that only requires subclasses to implement a set of simple functions:

  • open() :Open the device.

  • prepare() :Configure the device with the specified format.

  • read() :Read samples from the device.

  • reset() :Unblock reads and flush the device.

  • delay() :Get the number of samples in the device but not yet read.

  • unprepare() :Undo operations done by prepare.

  • close() :Close the device.

All scheduling of samples and timestamps is done in this base class together with GstAudioBaseSrc using a default implementation of a GstAudioRingBuffer that uses threads.


Types and Values

struct GstAudioSrc

struct GstAudioSrc;

Base class for simple audio sources.

struct GstAudioSrcClass

struct GstAudioSrcClass {
  GstAudioBaseSrcClass parent_class;

  /* vtable */

  /* open the device with given specs */
  gboolean (*open)      (GstAudioSrc *src);
  /* prepare resources and state to operate with the given specs */
  gboolean (*prepare)   (GstAudioSrc *src, GstAudioRingBufferSpec *spec);
  /* undo anything that was done in prepare() */
  gboolean (*unprepare) (GstAudioSrc *src);
  /* close the device */
  gboolean (*close)     (GstAudioSrc *src);
  /* read samples from the device */
  guint    (*read)      (GstAudioSrc *src, gpointer data, guint length,
      GstClockTime *timestamp);
  /* get number of frames queued in the device */
  guint    (*delay)     (GstAudioSrc *src);
  /* reset the audio device, unblock from a write */
  void     (*reset)     (GstAudioSrc *src);

GstAudioSrc class. Override the vmethod to implement functionality.


open ()

open the device with the specified caps


prepare ()

configure device with format


unprepare ()

undo the configuration


close ()

close the device


read ()

read samples from the audio device


delay ()

the number of frames queued in the device


reset ()

unblock a read to the device and reset.

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