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Pbutils — General Application and Plugin Utility Library



#include <gst/pbutils/pbutils.h>


libgstpbutils is a general utility library for plugins and applications. It currently provides the following:

  • human-readable description strings of codecs, elements, sources, decoders, encoders, or sinks from decoder/encoder caps, element names, or protocol names.

  • support for applications to initiate installation of missing plugins (if this is supported by the distribution or operating system used)

  • API for GStreamer elements to create missing-plugin messages in order to communicate to the application that a certain type of plugin is missing (decoder, encoder, URI protocol source, URI protocol sink, named element)

  • API for applications to recognise and handle missing-plugin messages

Linking to this library

You should obtain the required CFLAGS and LIBS using pkg-config on the gstreamer-plugins-base-0.10 module. You will then also need to add '-lgstpbutils-0.10' manually to your LIBS line.

Library initialisation

Before using any of its functions, applications and plugins must call gst_pb_utils_init() to initialise the library.


gst_pb_utils_init ()

gst_pb_utils_init (void);

Initialises the base utils support library. This function is not thread-safe. Applications should call it after calling gst_init(), plugins should call it from their plugin_init function.

This function may be called multiple times. It will do nothing if the library has already been initialised.

Types and Values

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