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Procedure Index: S

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Index Entry  Section

s16vector SRFI-4 - API
s16vector->list SRFI-4 - API
s16vector-length SRFI-4 - API
s16vector-ref SRFI-4 - API
s16vector-set! SRFI-4 - API
s16vector? SRFI-4 - API
s32vector SRFI-4 - API
s32vector->list SRFI-4 - API
s32vector-length SRFI-4 - API
s32vector-ref SRFI-4 - API
s32vector-set! SRFI-4 - API
s32vector? SRFI-4 - API
s64vector SRFI-4 - API
s64vector->list SRFI-4 - API
s64vector-length SRFI-4 - API
s64vector-ref SRFI-4 - API
s64vector-set! SRFI-4 - API
s64vector? SRFI-4 - API
s8vector SRFI-4 - API
s8vector->list SRFI-4 - API
s8vector-length SRFI-4 - API
s8vector-ref SRFI-4 - API
s8vector-set! SRFI-4 - API
s8vector? SRFI-4 - API
sanitize-response 7.3.8 Web Server
save-module-excursion 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
scandir 7.11 File Tree Walk
scheme-report-environment 6.19.12 Environments
scheme-report-environment rnrs r5rs
scm->pointer Foreign Variables
scm-error 6.13.9 Procedures for Signaling Errors
SCM2PTR Non-immediate objects
scm_abs Arithmetic Functions
scm_accept Network Sockets and Communication
scm_access 7.2.3 File System
scm_acons Adding or Setting Alist Entries
scm_add_feature Feature Manipulation
scm_add_hook_x Hook Reference
scm_alarm 7.2.8 Signals
scm_alignof Foreign Structs
scm_all_threads 6.21.3 Threads
scm_angle Complex Number Operations
scm_any_to_c32vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_c64vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_f32vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_f64vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_s16vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_s32vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_s64vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_s8vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_u16vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_u32vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_u64vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_any_to_u8vector SRFI-4 - Guile extensions
scm_append Append and Reverse
scm_append_x Append and Reverse
scm_apply 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_apply_0 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_apply_1 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_apply_2 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_apply_3 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
SCM_ARG1 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG2 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG3 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG4 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG5 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG6 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARG7 Signalling Type Errors
SCM_ARGn Signalling Type Errors
scm_array_contents Shared Arrays
scm_array_copy_x Array Procedures
scm_array_dimensions Array Procedures
scm_array_fill_x Array Procedures
scm_array_for_each Array Procedures
scm_array_get_handle Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_bit_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_bit_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_c32_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_c32_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_c64_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_c64_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_dims Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_f32_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_f32_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_f64_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_f64_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_pos Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_rank Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_ref Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_release Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s16_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s16_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s32_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s32_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s64_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s64_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s8_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_s8_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_set Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u16_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u16_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u32_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u32_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u64_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u64_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u8_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_u8_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_uniform_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_uniform_element_size Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_uniform_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_handle_writable_elements Accessing Arrays from C
scm_array_index_map_x Array Procedures
scm_array_in_bounds_p Array Procedures
scm_array_map_x Array Procedures
scm_array_p Array Procedures
scm_array_rank Array Procedures
scm_array_set_x Array Procedures
scm_array_to_list Array Procedures
scm_ash Bitwise Operations
SCM_ASSERT Signalling Type Errors
scm_assert_smob_type 6.8 Smobs
SCM_ASSERT_TYPE Signalling Type Errors
scm_assoc Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assoc_ref Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assoc_remove_x Removing Alist Entries
scm_assoc_set_x Adding or Setting Alist Entries
scm_assq Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assq_ref Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assq_remove_x Removing Alist Entries
scm_assq_set_x Adding or Setting Alist Entries
scm_assv Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assv_ref Retrieving Alist Entries
scm_assv_remove_x Removing Alist Entries
scm_assv_set_x Adding or Setting Alist Entries
scm_async User asyncs
scm_async_mark User asyncs
scm_backtrace Pre-Unwind Debugging
scm_backtrace_with_highlights Pre-Unwind Debugging
scm_basename 7.2.3 File System
scm_bind Network Sockets and Communication
scm_bindtextdomain 6.24.6 Gettext Support
scm_bind_textdomain_codeset 6.24.6 Gettext Support
scm_bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_elements 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_fill_x 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_length 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_p 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_ref 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_set_x 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_to_list 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bitvector_writable_elements 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bit_count 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bit_count_star 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bit_extract Bitwise Operations
scm_bit_invert_x 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bit_position 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_bit_set_star_x 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_boolean_p 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_boot_guile 6.4 Initializing Guile
scm_broadcast_condition_variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_bytecode_to_objcode 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
SCM_BYTEVECTOR_CONTENTS Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_copy Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_copy_x Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_eq_p Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_fill_x Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_ieee_double_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_double_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_double_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_double_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_single_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_single_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_single_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_ieee_single_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Floating Point Numbers
scm_bytevector_length Manipulating Bytevectors
SCM_BYTEVECTOR_LENGTH Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_p Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_bytevector_s16_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s16_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s16_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s16_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s32_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s32_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s32_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s32_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s64_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s64_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s64_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s64_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s8_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_s8_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_sint_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_sint_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_to_pointer Void Pointers and Byte Access
scm_bytevector_to_sint_list Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_bytevector_to_u8_list Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_bytevector_to_uint_list Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_bytevector_u16_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u16_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u16_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u16_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u32_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u32_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u32_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u32_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u64_native_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u64_native_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u64_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u64_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u8_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_u8_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_uint_ref Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_bytevector_uint_set_x Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Integers
scm_c32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_c32vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_c64vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_caaaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caaadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caadar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caaddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cadaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cadadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cadar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caddar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cadddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_caddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_call 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_calloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_call_0 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_1 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_2 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_3 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_4 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_5 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_6 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_7 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_8 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_9 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_n 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_call_with_blocked_asyncs System asyncs
scm_call_with_input_string String Ports
scm_call_with_output_string String Ports
scm_call_with_unblocked_asyncs System asyncs
scm_cancel_thread 6.21.3 Threads
scm_car 6.7.1 Pairs
SCM_CAR 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_catch Catching Exceptions
scm_catch_with_pre_unwind_handler Catching Exceptions
scm_cdaaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdaadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdadar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdaddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cddaar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cddadr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cddar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdddar 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cddddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cddr 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cdr 6.7.1 Pairs
SCM_CDR 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_ceiling Arithmetic Functions
scm_ceiling_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_ceiling_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_ceiling_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_cell Allocating Cells
SCM_CELL_OBJECT Accessing Cell Entries
SCM_CELL_TYPE Heap Cell Type Information
SCM_CELL_WORD Accessing Cell Entries
scm_centered_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_centered_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_centered_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_char_alphabetic_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_downcase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_general_category 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_is_both_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_locale_ci_eq 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_char_locale_ci_gt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_char_locale_ci_lt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_char_locale_downcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_char_locale_gt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_char_locale_lt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_char_locale_titlecase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_char_locale_upcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_char_lower_case_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_numeric_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_ready_p 6.14.2 Reading
scm_char_set Creating Character Sets
scm_char_set_adjoin Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_adjoin_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_any Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_complement Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_complement_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_contains_p Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_copy Creating Character Sets
scm_char_set_count Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_cursor Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_cursor_next Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_delete Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_delete_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_difference Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_difference_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_diff_plus_intersection Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_diff_plus_intersection_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_eq Character Set Predicates/Comparison
scm_char_set_every Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_filter Creating Character Sets
scm_char_set_filter_x Creating Character Sets
scm_char_set_fold Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_for_each Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_hash Character Set Predicates/Comparison
scm_char_set_intersection Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_intersection_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_leq Character Set Predicates/Comparison
scm_char_set_map Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_p Character Set Predicates/Comparison
scm_char_set_ref Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_size Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_to_list Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_to_string Querying Character Sets
scm_char_set_unfold Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_unfold_x Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_char_set_union Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_union_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_xor Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_set_xor_x Character-Set Algebra
scm_char_titlecase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_to_integer 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_upcase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_upper_case_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_char_whitespace_p 6.6.3 Characters
scm_chdir 7.2.7 Processes
scm_chmod 7.2.3 File System
scm_chown 7.2.3 File System
scm_chroot 7.2.7 Processes
scm_close 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_closedir 7.2.3 File System
scm_close_fdes 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_close_input_port 6.14.4 Closing
scm_close_output_port 6.14.4 Closing
scm_close_port 6.14.4 Closing
scm_complex_p Complex Numbers
scm_condition_variable_p 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_connect Network Sockets and Communication
scm_cons 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_cons_source 6.25.2 Source Properties
scm_copy_file 7.2.3 File System
scm_copy_random_state Random Number Generation
scm_copy_tree 6.11.4 Copying Deep Structures
SCM_CRITICAL_SECTION_END 6.21.6 Critical Sections
SCM_CRITICAL_SECTION_START 6.21.6 Critical Sections
scm_crypt 7.2.14 Encryption
scm_ctermid 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys
scm_current_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_current_error_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_current_input_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_current_load_port 6.17.6 Loading Scheme Code from File
scm_current_module 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
scm_current_output_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_current_processor_count 7.2.7 Processes
scm_current_thread 6.21.3 Threads
scm_current_time 7.2.5 Time
scm_c_angle Complex Number Operations
scm_c_array_rank Array Procedures
scm_c_bitvector_length 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_c_bitvector_ref 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_c_bitvector_set_x 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_c_bytevector_length Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_c_bytevector_ref Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_c_bytevector_set_x Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_c_call_with_blocked_asyncs System asyncs
scm_c_call_with_current_module 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_call_with_unblocked_asyncs System asyncs
scm_c_catch Catching Exceptions
scm_c_define 6.12.1 Top Level Variable Definitions
scm_c_define 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_define_gsubr 6.9.2 Primitive Procedures
scm_c_define_module 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_downcase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_c_eval_string 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_c_export 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_generalized_vector_length 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_c_generalized_vector_ref 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_c_generalized_vector_set_x 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_c_hook_add Hooks For C Code.
scm_c_hook_init Hooks For C Code.
scm_c_hook_remove Hooks For C Code.
scm_c_hook_run Hooks For C Code.
scm_c_imag_part Complex Number Operations
scm_c_locale_stringn_to_number Converting Numbers To and From Strings
scm_c_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_magnitude Complex Number Operations
scm_c_make_bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_c_make_bytevector Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_c_make_gsubr 6.9.2 Primitive Procedures
scm_c_make_polar Complex Number Operations
scm_c_make_rectangular Complex Number Operations
scm_c_make_socket_address Network Socket Address
scm_c_make_string String Constructors
scm_c_make_vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_c_module_define 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_module_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_port_for_each 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_c_primitive_load 6.17.6 Loading Scheme Code from File
scm_c_private_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_private_ref 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_private_variable 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_public_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_public_ref 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_public_variable 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_read 6.14.2 Reading
scm_c_real_part Complex Number Operations
scm_c_resolve_module 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_round Arithmetic Functions
scm_c_run_hook Hook Reference
scm_c_string_length String Selection
scm_c_string_ref String Selection
scm_c_string_set_x String Modification
scm_c_substring String Selection
scm_c_substring_copy String Selection
scm_c_substring_read_only String Selection
scm_c_substring_shared String Selection
scm_c_symbol_length Operations Related to Symbols
scm_c_titlecase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_c_truncate Arithmetic Functions
scm_c_uniform_vector_length SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_c_upcase 6.6.3 Characters
scm_c_use_module 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_c_value_ref 6.13.7 Returning and Accepting Multiple Values
scm_c_vector_length Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_c_vector_ref Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_c_vector_set_x Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_c_with_continuation_barrier 6.13.12 Continuation Barriers
scm_c_with_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_c_with_fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_c_with_fluids 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_c_with_throw_handler Throw Handlers
scm_c_write 6.14.3 Writing
scm_datum_to_random_state Random Number Generation
SCM_DEFINE 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_define 6.12.1 Top Level Variable Definitions
scm_define 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_defined_p 6.12.4 Querying variable bindings
scm_delete List Modification
scm_delete1_x List Modification
scm_delete_file 7.2.3 File System
scm_delete_x List Modification
scm_delq List Modification
scm_delq1_x List Modification
scm_delq_x List Modification
scm_delv List Modification
scm_delv1_x List Modification
scm_delv_x List Modification
scm_denominator Real and Rational Numbers
scm_difference Arithmetic Functions
scm_directory_stream_p 7.2.3 File System
scm_dirname 7.2.3 File System
scm_display_application Frames
scm_display_backtrace Stacks
scm_display_backtrace_with_highlights Stacks
scm_display_error 6.13.11 How to Handle Errors
scm_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_done_free Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_done_malloc Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_double_cell Allocating Cells
scm_doubly_weak_hash_table_p Weak hash tables
scm_drain_input 6.14.2 Reading
scm_dup2 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_dup_to_fdes 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_dynamic_call 6.20.2 Foreign Functions
scm_dynamic_func 6.20.2 Foreign Functions
scm_dynamic_link 6.20.1 Foreign Libraries
scm_dynamic_object_p 6.20.1 Foreign Libraries
scm_dynamic_pointer Foreign Variables
scm_dynamic_state_p 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_dynamic_unlink 6.20.1 Foreign Libraries
scm_dynamic_wind 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_begin 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_block_asyncs System asyncs
scm_dynwind_critical_section 6.21.6 Critical Sections
scm_dynwind_current_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_dynwind_current_error_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_dynwind_current_input_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_dynwind_current_output_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_dynwind_end 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_dynwind_free 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_free 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_dynwind_lock_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_dynwind_rewind_handler 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_rewind_handler_with_scm 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_unblock_asyncs System asyncs
scm_dynwind_unwind_handler 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_dynwind_unwind_handler_with_scm 6.13.10 Dynamic Wind
scm_effective_version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_end_of_char_set_p Iterating Over Character Sets
scm_environ 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_eof_object The End-of-File Object
scm_eof_object_p 6.14.2 Reading
scm_eof_object_p The End-of-File Object
SCM_EOF_VAL Immediate objects
SCM_EOL Immediate objects
scm_equal_p 6.11.1 Equality
scm_eqv_p 6.11.1 Equality
scm_eq_p 6.11.1 Equality
scm_error C Support
scm_error_scm 6.13.9 Procedures for Signaling Errors
scm_euclidean_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_euclidean_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_euclidean_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_eval 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_eval_string 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_eval_string_in_module 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_even_p Operations on Integer Values
scm_exact_integer_sqrt Operations on Integer Values
scm_exact_p Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_exact_to_inexact Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_execl 7.2.7 Processes
scm_execle 7.2.7 Processes
scm_execlp 7.2.7 Processes
scm_f32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_f32vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_f64vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_fcntl 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_fdes_to_ports 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_fdopen 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_fileno 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_file_encoding 6.17.8 Character Encoding of Source Files
scm_file_port_p File Ports
scm_finite_p Real and Rational Numbers
scm_flock 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_floor Arithmetic Functions
scm_floor_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_floor_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_floor_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_fluid_bound_p 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_fluid_p 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_fluid_ref 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_fluid_set_x 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_fluid_unset_x 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_flush_all_ports 6.14.3 Writing
scm_force 6.17.9 Delayed Evaluation
scm_force_output 6.14.3 Writing
scm_foreign_to_bytevector Void Pointers and Byte Access
scm_fork 7.2.7 Processes
scm_frame_arguments Frames
scm_frame_p Frames
scm_frame_previous Frames
scm_frame_procedure Frames
scm_from_bool 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_from_char Integers
scm_from_double Real and Rational Numbers
scm_from_int Integers
scm_from_int16 Integers
scm_from_int32 Integers
scm_from_int64 Integers
scm_from_int8 Integers
scm_from_intmax Integers
scm_from_latin1_keyword Keyword Procedures
scm_from_latin1_string Conversion to/from C
scm_from_latin1_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_from_latin1_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_from_locale_keyword Keyword Procedures
scm_from_locale_keywordn Keyword Procedures
scm_from_locale_string Conversion to/from C
scm_from_locale_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_from_locale_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_from_locale_symboln Operations Related to Symbols
scm_from_long Integers
scm_from_long_long Integers
scm_from_mpz Integers
scm_from_schar Integers
scm_from_short Integers
scm_from_signed_integer Integers
scm_from_size_t Integers
scm_from_sockaddr Network Socket Address
scm_from_ssize_t Integers
scm_from_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_from_uchar Integers
scm_from_uint Integers
scm_from_uint16 Integers
scm_from_uint32 Integers
scm_from_uint64 Integers
scm_from_uint8 Integers
scm_from_uintmax Integers
scm_from_ulong Integers
scm_from_ulong_long Integers
scm_from_unsigned_integer Integers
scm_from_ushort Integers
scm_from_utf32_string Conversion to/from C
scm_from_utf32_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_from_utf8_keyword Keyword Procedures
scm_from_utf8_string Conversion to/from C
scm_from_utf8_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_from_utf8_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_fsync 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_ftell 6.14.5 Random Access
scm_gc 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_gcd Operations on Integer Values
scm_gc_calloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_free 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_live_object_stats 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_gc_malloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_malloc_pointerless 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_mark 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_gc_protect_object 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_gc_realloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_register_allocation 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_gc_stats 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_gc_unprotect_object 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_generalized_vector_get_handle 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_generalized_vector_length 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_generalized_vector_p 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_generalized_vector_ref 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_generalized_vector_set_x 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_generalized_vector_to_list 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_gensym Operations Related to Symbols
scm_geq_p Comparison Predicates
scm_getaddrinfo getaddrinfo
scm_getaffinity 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getcwd 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getegid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getenv 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_geteuid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getgid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getgrgid 7.2.4 User Information
scm_getgroups 7.2.7 Processes
scm_gethost The Host Database
scm_gethostname 7.2.12 System Identification
scm_getitimer 7.2.8 Signals
scm_getlogin 7.2.4 User Information
scm_getnet The Network Database
scm_getpass 7.2.14 Encryption
scm_getpeername Network Sockets and Communication
scm_getpgrp 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getpid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getppid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getpriority 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getproto The Protocol Database
scm_getpwuid 7.2.4 User Information
scm_getserv The Service Database
scm_getsid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_getsockname Network Sockets and Communication
scm_getsockopt Network Sockets and Communication
scm_gettext 6.24.6 Gettext Support
scm_gettimeofday 7.2.5 Time
scm_getuid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_get_bytevector_all Binary Input
scm_get_bytevector_n Binary Input
scm_get_bytevector_n_x Binary Input
scm_get_bytevector_some Binary Input
scm_get_internal_real_time 7.2.5 Time
scm_get_internal_run_time 7.2.5 Time
scm_get_output_string String Ports
scm_get_print_state 6.14.3 Writing
scm_get_u8 Binary Input
SCM_GLOBAL_KEYWORD 6.5 Snarfing Macros
SCM_GLOBAL_SYMBOL 6.5 Snarfing Macros
SCM_GLOBAL_VARIABLE 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_gmtime 7.2.5 Time
scm_gr_p Comparison Predicates
scm_hash Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq_create_handle_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq_get_handle Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq_ref Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq_remove_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashq_set_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv_create_handle_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv_get_handle Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv_ref Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv_remove_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashv_set_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashx_create_handle_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashx_get_handle Hash Table Reference
scm_hashx_ref Hash Table Reference
scm_hashx_remove_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hashx_set_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_clear_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_create_handle_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_fold Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_for_each Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_for_each_handle Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_get_handle Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_map_to_list Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_ref Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_remove_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_set_x Hash Table Reference
scm_hash_table_p Hash Table Reference
SCM_HOOKP Hook Reference
scm_hook_empty_p Hook Reference
scm_hook_p Hook Reference
scm_hook_to_list Hook Reference
scm_htonl Network Sockets and Communication
scm_htons Network Sockets and Communication
scm_imag_part Complex Number Operations
SCM_IMP Immediate objects
scm_inet_aton IPv4 Address Conversion
scm_inet_makeaddr IPv4 Address Conversion
scm_inet_netof IPv4 Address Conversion
scm_inet_ntoa IPv4 Address Conversion
scm_inet_ntop IPv6 Address Conversion
scm_inet_pton IPv6 Address Conversion
scm_inexact_p Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_inexact_to_exact Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_inf Real and Rational Numbers
scm_inf_p Real and Rational Numbers
scm_init_guile 6.4 Initializing Guile
scm_input_port_p 6.14.1 Ports
scm_integer_expt Bitwise Operations
scm_integer_length Bitwise Operations
scm_integer_p Integers
scm_integer_to_char 6.6.3 Characters
scm_interaction_environment 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_internal_catch Catching Exceptions
scm_isatty_p 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys
scm_is_array Array Procedures
scm_is_bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_is_bool 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_is_bytevector Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_is_complex Complex Numbers
scm_is_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_is_eq 6.11.1 Equality
scm_is_exact Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_is_false 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_is_generalized_vector 6.7.5 Generalized Vectors
scm_is_inexact Exact and Inexact Numbers
scm_is_integer Integers
scm_is_keyword Keyword Procedures
scm_is_null List Predicates
scm_is_number Scheme’s Numerical “Tower”
scm_is_pair 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_is_rational Real and Rational Numbers
scm_is_real Real and Rational Numbers
scm_is_signed_integer Integers
scm_is_simple_vector Vector Accessing from C
scm_is_string String Predicates
scm_is_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_is_true 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_is_typed_array Array Procedures
scm_is_uniform_vector SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_is_unsigned_integer Integers
scm_is_vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_i_string_ci_equal_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_ci_geq_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_ci_gr_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_ci_leq_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_ci_less_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_equal_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_geq_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_gr_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_leq_p String Comparison
scm_i_string_less_p String Comparison
scm_join_thread 6.21.3 Threads
scm_join_thread_timed 6.21.3 Threads
SCM_KEYWORD 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_keyword_p Keyword Procedures
scm_keyword_to_symbol Keyword Procedures
scm_kill 7.2.8 Signals
scm_last_pair List Selection
scm_lcm Operations on Integer Values
scm_length List Selection
scm_leq_p Comparison Predicates
scm_less_p Comparison Predicates
scm_link 7.2.3 File System
scm_listen Network Sockets and Communication
scm_list_1 List Constructors
scm_list_2 List Constructors
scm_list_3 List Constructors
scm_list_4 List Constructors
scm_list_5 List Constructors
scm_list_cdr_set_x List Modification
scm_list_copy List Constructors
scm_list_head List Selection
scm_list_n List Constructors
scm_list_p List Predicates
scm_list_ref List Selection
scm_list_set_x List Modification
scm_list_tail List Selection
scm_list_to_bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_list_to_c32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_c64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_char_set Creating Character Sets
scm_list_to_char_set_x Creating Character Sets
scm_list_to_f32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_f64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_s16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_s32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_s64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_s8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_typed_array Array Procedures
scm_list_to_u16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_u32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_u64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_list_to_u8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_lnaof IPv4 Address Conversion
scm_load_extension 6.20.2 Foreign Functions
scm_load_objcode 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
scm_locale_p 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
scm_locale_string_to_inexact 6.24.4 Number Input and Output
scm_locale_string_to_integer 6.24.4 Number Input and Output
scm_localtime 7.2.5 Time
scm_local_eval 6.17.10 Local Evaluation
scm_lock_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_lock_mutex_timed 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_logand Bitwise Operations
scm_logbit_p Bitwise Operations
scm_logcount Bitwise Operations
scm_logior Bitwise Operations
scm_lognot Bitwise Operations
scm_logtest Bitwise Operations
scm_lookahead_u8 Binary Input
scm_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_loxor Bitwise Operations
scm_lstat 7.2.3 File System
scm_macro_binding 6.10.9 Internal Macros
scm_macro_name 6.10.9 Internal Macros
scm_macro_p 6.10.9 Internal Macros
scm_macro_transformer 6.10.9 Internal Macros
scm_macro_type 6.10.9 Internal Macros
scm_magnitude Complex Number Operations
scm_major_version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_make_arbiter 6.21.1 Arbiters
scm_make_array Array Procedures
scm_make_bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
scm_make_bytevector Manipulating Bytevectors
scm_make_c32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_c64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_condition_variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_make_custom_binary_input_port Binary Input
scm_make_custom_binary_output_port Binary Output
scm_make_doubly_weak_hash_table Weak hash tables
scm_make_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_make_f32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_f64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_make_fluid_with_default 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_make_guardian 6.18.4 Guardians
scm_make_hook Hook Reference
scm_make_locale 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
scm_make_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_make_mutex_with_flags 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_make_polar Complex Number Operations
scm_make_port_type Port Implementation
scm_make_procedure_with_setter 6.9.8 Procedures with Setters
scm_make_program 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
scm_make_rectangular Complex Number Operations
scm_make_recursive_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_make_regexp 6.15.1 Regexp Functions
scm_make_s16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_s32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_s64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_s8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_shared_array Shared Arrays
scm_make_smob_type 6.8 Smobs
scm_make_socket_address Network Socket Address
scm_make_soft_port Soft Ports
scm_make_stack Stack Capture
scm_make_string String Constructors
scm_make_struct Structure Basics
scm_make_struct_layout Vtable Vtables
scm_make_symbol Uninterned Symbols
scm_make_typed_array Array Procedures
scm_make_u16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_u32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_u64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_u8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_make_unbound_fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_make_undefined_variable 6.19.7 Variables
scm_make_variable 6.19.7 Variables
scm_make_vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_make_vtable_vtable Vtable Vtables
scm_make_weak_key_hash_table Weak hash tables
scm_make_weak_value_hash_table Weak hash tables
scm_make_weak_vector Weak vectors
scm_malloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_map List Mapping
scm_markcdr 6.8 Smobs
scm_max Arithmetic Functions
scm_member List Searching
scm_memory_error C Support
scm_memq List Searching
scm_memv List Searching
scm_merge 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_merge_x 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_micro_version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_min Arithmetic Functions
scm_minor_version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_misc_error C Support
scm_mkdir 7.2.3 File System
scm_mknod 7.2.3 File System
scm_mkstemp 7.2.3 File System
scm_mktime 7.2.5 Time
scm_module_define 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_module_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_module_reverse_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_module_variable 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_modulo Operations on Integer Values
scm_modulo_expt Operations on Integer Values
scm_must_calloc Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_must_free Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_must_malloc Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_must_realloc Upgrading from scm_must_malloc et al.
scm_mutex_level 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_mutex_locked_p 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_mutex_owner 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_mutex_p 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_nan Real and Rational Numbers
scm_nan_p Real and Rational Numbers
scm_native_endianness Endianness
scm_nconc2last 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_negative_p Comparison Predicates
scm_newline 6.14.3 Writing
SCM_NEWSMOB2 6.8 Smobs
SCM_NEWSMOB3 6.8 Smobs
scm_ngettext 6.24.6 Gettext Support
scm_nice 7.2.7 Processes
scm_not 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_ntohl Network Sockets and Communication
scm_ntohs Network Sockets and Communication
scm_null_p List Predicates
scm_number_p Scheme’s Numerical “Tower”
scm_number_to_string Converting Numbers To and From Strings
scm_numerator Real and Rational Numbers
scm_num_eq_p Comparison Predicates
scm_num_overflow C Support
scm_objcode_p 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
scm_objcode_to_bytecode 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
scm_object_properties 6.11.2 Object Properties
scm_object_property 6.11.2 Object Properties
scm_object_to_string 6.11.5 General String Conversion
scm_odd_p Operations on Integer Values
scm_oneminus Arithmetic Functions
scm_oneplus Arithmetic Functions
scm_open 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_opendir 7.2.3 File System
scm_open_bytevector_input_port Binary Input
scm_open_bytevector_output_port Binary Output
scm_open_fdes 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_open_file File Ports
scm_open_input_string String Ports
scm_open_output_string String Ports
scm_output_port_p 6.14.1 Ports
scm_out_of_range C Support
SCM_PACK 6.3 The SCM Type
scm_pair_p 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_parse_path 6.17.7 Load Paths
scm_pause 7.2.8 Signals
scm_peek_char 6.14.2 Reading
scm_permanent_object 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_pipe 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_pointer_address Foreign Variables
scm_pointer_to_procedure 6.20.6 Dynamic FFI
scm_port_closed_p 6.14.4 Closing
scm_port_column 6.14.2 Reading
scm_port_conversion_strategy 6.14.1 Ports
scm_port_encoding 6.14.1 Ports
scm_port_filename File Ports
scm_port_for_each 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_port_line 6.14.2 Reading
scm_port_mode File Ports
scm_port_p 6.14.1 Ports
scm_port_revealed 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_port_with_print_state 6.14.3 Writing
scm_positive_p Comparison Predicates
scm_primitive_eval 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
scm_primitive_exit 7.2.7 Processes
scm_primitive_load 6.17.6 Loading Scheme Code from File
scm_primitive_load_path 6.17.7 Load Paths
scm_primitive_move_to_fdes 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_primitive__exit 7.2.7 Processes
scm_private_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_private_ref 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_private_variable 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_procedure 6.9.8 Procedures with Setters
scm_procedure_documentation 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_name 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_p 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_properties 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_property 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_source 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_procedure_to_pointer 6.20.6 Dynamic FFI
scm_procedure_with_setter_p 6.9.8 Procedures with Setters
scm_product Arithmetic Functions
scm_program_arguments 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_program_arities 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_free_variables 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_meta 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_module 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_objcode 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_objects 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_program_p 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
scm_promise_p 6.17.9 Delayed Evaluation
SCM_PTAB_ENTRY Port basics
scm_pthread_cond_timedwait 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_pthread_cond_wait 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_pthread_mutex_lock 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
SCM_PTOBNUM Port basics
scm_public_lookup 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_public_ref 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_public_variable 6.19.9 Accessing Modules from C
scm_putenv 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_put_bytevector Binary Output
scm_put_u8 Binary Output
scm_quotient Operations on Integer Values
scm_raise 7.2.8 Signals
scm_random Random Number Generation
scm_random_exp Random Number Generation
scm_random_hollow_sphere_x Random Number Generation
scm_random_normal Random Number Generation
scm_random_normal_vector_x Random Number Generation
scm_random_solid_sphere_x Random Number Generation
scm_random_state_from_platform Random Number Generation
scm_random_state_to_datum Random Number Generation
scm_random_uniform Random Number Generation
scm_rationalize Real and Rational Numbers
scm_rational_p Real and Rational Numbers
scm_read 6.17.2 Reading Scheme Code
scm_readdir 7.2.3 File System
scm_readlink 7.2.3 File System
scm_read_char 6.14.2 Reading
scm_read_delimited_x 6.14.6 Line Oriented and Delimited Text
scm_read_hash_extend Reader Extensions
scm_read_line 6.14.6 Line Oriented and Delimited Text
scm_read_string_x_partial 6.14.7 Block reading and writing
scm_realloc 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
scm_real_p Real and Rational Numbers
scm_real_part Complex Number Operations
scm_recv Network Sockets and Communication
scm_recvfrom Network Sockets and Communication
scm_redirect_port 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_regexp_exec 6.15.1 Regexp Functions
scm_regexp_p 6.15.1 Regexp Functions
scm_release_arbiter 6.21.1 Arbiters
scm_remainder Operations on Integer Values
scm_remember_upto_here_1 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_remember_upto_here_2 6.18.1 Function related to Garbage Collection
scm_remove_hook_x Hook Reference
scm_rename 7.2.3 File System
scm_reset_hook_x Hook Reference
scm_resolve_module 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
scm_restore_signals 7.2.8 Signals
scm_restricted_vector_sort_x 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_reverse Append and Reverse
scm_reverse_list_to_string String Constructors
scm_reverse_x Append and Reverse
scm_rewinddir 7.2.3 File System
scm_rmdir 7.2.3 File System
scm_round_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_round_number Arithmetic Functions
scm_round_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_round_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_run_asyncs User asyncs
scm_run_hook Hook Reference
scm_s16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_s16vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_s32vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_s64vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_s8vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_search_path 6.17.7 Load Paths
scm_seed_to_random_state Random Number Generation
scm_seek 6.14.5 Random Access
scm_select 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_send Network Sockets and Communication
scm_sendto Network Sockets and Communication
scm_setaffinity 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setegid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_seteuid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setgid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setgrent 7.2.4 User Information
scm_setgroups 7.2.7 Processes
scm_sethost The Host Database
scm_sethostname 7.2.12 System Identification
scm_setitimer 7.2.8 Signals
scm_setlocale 7.2.13 Locales
scm_setnet The Network Database
scm_setpgid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setpriority 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setproto The Protocol Database
scm_setpwent 7.2.4 User Information
scm_setserv The Service Database
scm_setsid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setsockopt Network Sockets and Communication
scm_setuid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_setvbuf 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_set_car_x 6.7.1 Pairs
scm_set_cdr_x 6.7.1 Pairs
SCM_SET_CELL_OBJECT Accessing Cell Entries
SCM_SET_CELL_TYPE Heap Cell Type Information
SCM_SET_CELL_WORD Accessing Cell Entries
scm_set_current_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_set_current_error_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_set_current_input_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_set_current_module 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
scm_set_current_output_port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
scm_set_object_properties_x 6.11.2 Object Properties
scm_set_object_property_x 6.11.2 Object Properties
scm_set_port_close Port Implementation
scm_set_port_column_x 6.14.2 Reading
scm_set_port_conversion_strategy_x 6.14.1 Ports
scm_set_port_encoding_x 6.14.1 Ports
scm_set_port_end_input Port Implementation
scm_set_port_equalp Port Implementation
scm_set_port_filename_x File Ports
scm_set_port_flush Port Implementation
scm_set_port_free Port Implementation
scm_set_port_input_waiting Port Implementation
scm_set_port_line_x 6.14.2 Reading
scm_set_port_mark Port Implementation
scm_set_port_print Port Implementation
scm_set_port_revealed_x 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_set_port_seek Port Implementation
scm_set_port_truncate Port Implementation
scm_set_procedure_properties_x 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_set_procedure_property_x 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_set_program_arguments 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_set_program_arguments_scm 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
scm_set_smob_equalp 6.8 Smobs
scm_set_smob_free 6.8 Smobs
scm_set_smob_mark 6.8 Smobs
scm_set_smob_print 6.8 Smobs
scm_set_source_properties_x 6.25.2 Source Properties
scm_set_source_property_x 6.25.2 Source Properties
scm_set_struct_vtable_name_x Vtable Contents
scm_set_thread_cleanup_x 6.21.3 Threads
scm_shared_array_increments Shared Arrays
scm_shared_array_offset Shared Arrays
scm_shared_array_root Shared Arrays
scm_shell 6.4 Initializing Guile
scm_shutdown Network Sockets and Communication
scm_sigaction 7.2.8 Signals
scm_sigaction_for_thread 7.2.8 Signals
scm_signal_condition_variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_simple_format 6.14.3 Writing
SCM_SIMPLE_VECTOR_LENGTH Vector Accessing from C
SCM_SIMPLE_VECTOR_REF Vector Accessing from C
SCM_SIMPLE_VECTOR_SET Vector Accessing from C
scm_sint_list_to_bytevector Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_sizeof Foreign Structs
scm_sleep 7.2.8 Signals
scm_sloppy_assoc Sloppy Alist Functions
scm_sloppy_assq Sloppy Alist Functions
scm_sloppy_assv Sloppy Alist Functions
SCM_SMOB_DATA_2 6.8 Smobs
SCM_SMOB_DATA_3 6.8 Smobs
SCM_SNARF_INIT 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_socket Network Sockets and Communication
scm_socketpair Network Sockets and Communication
scm_sort 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_sorted_p 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_sort_list 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_sort_list_x 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_sort_x 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_source_properties 6.25.2 Source Properties
scm_source_property 6.25.2 Source Properties
scm_spawn_thread 6.21.3 Threads
scm_stable_sort 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_stable_sort_x 6.11.3 Sorting
scm_stack_id Stacks
scm_stack_length Stacks
scm_stack_p Stacks
scm_stack_ref Stacks
scm_stat 7.2.3 File System
scm_status_exit_val 7.2.7 Processes
scm_status_stop_sig 7.2.7 Processes
scm_status_term_sig 7.2.7 Processes
scm_std_select 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_std_sleep 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_std_usleep 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_strerror 6.13.9 Procedures for Signaling Errors
scm_strftime 7.2.5 Time
scm_string String Constructors
scm_string_any String Predicates
scm_string_append Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_append_shared Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_bytes_per_char String Internals
scm_string_capitalize Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_capitalize_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_ci_eq String Comparison
scm_string_ci_ge String Comparison
scm_string_ci_gt String Comparison
scm_string_ci_le String Comparison
scm_string_ci_lt String Comparison
scm_string_ci_neq String Comparison
scm_string_ci_to_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_string_compare String Comparison
scm_string_compare_ci String Comparison
scm_string_concatenate Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_concatenate_reverse Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_concatenate_reverse_shared Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_concatenate_shared Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_contains String Searching
scm_string_contains_ci String Searching
scm_string_copy String Selection
scm_string_copy_x String Modification
scm_string_count String Searching
scm_string_delete Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_string_downcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_downcase_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_drop String Selection
scm_string_drop_right String Selection
scm_string_eq String Comparison
scm_string_every String Predicates
scm_string_fill_x String Modification
scm_string_filter Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_string_fold Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_fold_right Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_for_each Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_for_each_index Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_ge String Comparison
scm_string_gt String Comparison
scm_string_index String Searching
scm_string_index_right String Searching
scm_string_join String Constructors
scm_string_le String Comparison
scm_string_length String Selection
scm_string_locale_ci_eq 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_string_locale_ci_gt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_string_locale_ci_lt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_string_locale_downcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_string_locale_gt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_string_locale_lt 6.24.2 Text Collation
scm_string_locale_titlecase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_string_locale_upcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
scm_string_lt String Comparison
scm_string_map Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_map_x Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_neq String Comparison
scm_string_normalize_nfc String Comparison
scm_string_normalize_nfd String Comparison
scm_string_normalize_nfkc String Comparison
scm_string_normalize_nfkd String Comparison
scm_string_null_p String Predicates
scm_string_p String Predicates
scm_string_pad String Selection
scm_string_pad_right String Selection
scm_string_prefix_ci_p String Searching
scm_string_prefix_length String Searching
scm_string_prefix_length_ci String Searching
scm_string_prefix_p String Searching
scm_string_ref String Selection
scm_string_replace Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_string_reverse Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_reverse_x Reversing and Appending Strings
scm_string_rindex String Searching
scm_string_set_x String Modification
scm_string_skip String Searching
scm_string_skip_right String Searching
scm_string_split List/String conversion
scm_string_suffix_ci_p String Searching
scm_string_suffix_length String Searching
scm_string_suffix_length_ci String Searching
scm_string_suffix_p String Searching
scm_string_tabulate String Constructors
scm_string_take String Selection
scm_string_take_right String Selection
scm_string_titlecase Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_titlecase_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_tokenize Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_string_to_char_set Creating Character Sets
scm_string_to_char_set_x Creating Character Sets
scm_string_to_list List/String conversion
scm_string_to_number Converting Numbers To and From Strings
scm_string_to_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_string_to_utf16 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_string_to_utf32 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_string_to_utf8 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_string_trim String Selection
scm_string_trim_both String Selection
scm_string_trim_right String Selection
scm_string_unfold Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_unfold_right Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
scm_string_upcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_upcase_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_string_xcopy_x Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_strptime 7.2.5 Time
scm_struct_p Structure Basics
scm_struct_ref Structure Basics
scm_struct_set_x Structure Basics
scm_struct_vtable Structure Basics
scm_struct_vtable_name Vtable Contents
scm_struct_vtable_p Vtable Contents
scm_struct_vtable_tag Vtable Contents
scm_substring String Selection
scm_substring_copy String Selection
scm_substring_copy String Selection
scm_substring_downcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_substring_downcase_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_substring_fill_x String Modification
scm_substring_fill_x String Modification
scm_substring_hash String Comparison
scm_substring_hash_ci String Comparison
scm_substring_move_x String Modification
scm_substring_read_only String Selection
scm_substring_shared String Selection
scm_substring_to_list List/String conversion
scm_substring_upcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_substring_upcase_x Alphabetic Case Mapping
scm_sum Arithmetic Functions
SCM_SYMBOL 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_symbol_fref Function Slots and Property Lists
scm_symbol_fset_x Function Slots and Property Lists
scm_symbol_hash Symbols as Lookup Keys
scm_symbol_interned_p Uninterned Symbols
scm_symbol_p Operations Related to Symbols
scm_symbol_pref Function Slots and Property Lists
scm_symbol_pset_x Function Slots and Property Lists
scm_symbol_to_keyword Keyword Procedures
scm_symbol_to_string Operations Related to Symbols
scm_symlink 7.2.3 File System
scm_sync 7.2.3 File System
scm_syserror C Support
scm_syserror_msg C Support
scm_system 7.2.7 Processes
scm_system_async_mark System asyncs
scm_system_async_mark_for_thread System asyncs
scm_system_star 7.2.7 Processes
scm_sys_library_dir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_sys_make_void_port Void Ports
scm_sys_package_data_dir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_sys_search_load_path 6.17.7 Load Paths
scm_sys_site_dir 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_sys_string_dump String Internals
scm_take_c32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_c64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_f32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_f64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_locale_string Conversion to/from C
scm_take_locale_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_take_locale_symbol Operations Related to Symbols
scm_take_locale_symboln Operations Related to Symbols
scm_take_s16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_s32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_s64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_s8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_u16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_u32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_u64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_take_u8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_tcgetpgrp 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys
scm_tcsetpgrp 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys
scm_textdomain 6.24.6 Gettext Support
scm_thread_cleanup 6.21.3 Threads
scm_thread_exited_p 6.21.3 Threads
scm_thread_p 6.21.3 Threads
scm_throw Throwing Exceptions
scm_thunk_p 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
scm_times 7.2.5 Time
scm_tmpfile 7.2.3 File System
scm_tmpnam 7.2.3 File System
scm_total_processor_count 7.2.7 Processes
scm_to_bool 6.6.1 Booleans
scm_to_char Integers
scm_to_char_set Creating Character Sets
scm_to_double Real and Rational Numbers
scm_to_int Integers
scm_to_int16 Integers
scm_to_int32 Integers
scm_to_int64 Integers
scm_to_int8 Integers
scm_to_intmax Integers
scm_to_locale_string Conversion to/from C
scm_to_locale_stringbuf Conversion to/from C
scm_to_locale_stringn Conversion to/from C
scm_to_long Integers
scm_to_long_long Integers
scm_to_mpz Integers
scm_to_schar Integers
scm_to_short Integers
scm_to_signed_integer Integers
scm_to_size_t Integers
scm_to_sockaddr Network Socket Address
scm_to_ssize_t Integers
scm_to_uchar Integers
scm_to_uint Integers
scm_to_uint16 Integers
scm_to_uint32 Integers
scm_to_uint64 Integers
scm_to_uint8 Integers
scm_to_uintmax Integers
scm_to_ulong Integers
scm_to_ulong_long Integers
scm_to_unsigned_integer Integers
scm_to_ushort Integers
scm_transpose_array Shared Arrays
scm_truncate_divide Arithmetic Functions
scm_truncate_file 6.14.5 Random Access
scm_truncate_number Arithmetic Functions
scm_truncate_quotient Arithmetic Functions
scm_truncate_remainder Arithmetic Functions
scm_try_arbiter 6.21.1 Arbiters
scm_try_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_ttyname 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys
scm_typed_array_p Array Procedures
scm_tzset 7.2.5 Time
scm_u16vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_u16vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_u32vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_u64vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_length SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_p SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_ref SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_set_x SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_to_list SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - API
scm_u8_list_to_bytevector Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_ucs_range_to_char_set Creating Character Sets
scm_ucs_range_to_char_set_x Creating Character Sets
scm_uint_list_to_bytevector Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
scm_umask 7.2.7 Processes
scm_uname 7.2.12 System Identification
SCM_UNBNDP Immediate objects
SCM_UNDEFINED Immediate objects
scm_uniform_array_read_x Array Procedures
scm_uniform_array_write Array Procedures
scm_uniform_vector_elements SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_length SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_p SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_ref SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_set_x SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_to_list SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_uniform_vector_writable_elements SRFI-4 - Generic operations
scm_unlock_mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_unlock_mutex_timed 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_unread_char 6.14.2 Reading
scm_unread_char 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
scm_unread_string 6.14.2 Reading
SCM_UNSPECIFIED Immediate objects
scm_usleep 7.2.8 Signals
scm_utf16_to_string Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_utf32_to_string Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_utf8_to_string Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
scm_utime 7.2.3 File System
scm_values 6.13.7 Returning and Accepting Multiple Values
SCM_VARIABLE 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_variable_bound_p 6.19.7 Variables
SCM_VARIABLE_INIT 6.5 Snarfing Macros
scm_variable_p 6.19.7 Variables
scm_variable_ref 6.19.7 Variables
scm_variable_set_x 6.19.7 Variables
scm_variable_unset_x 6.19.7 Variables
scm_vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_vector_copy Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_elements Vector Accessing from C
scm_vector_fill_x Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_length Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_move_left_x Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_move_right_x Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_p Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_vector_ref Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_set_x Accessing and Modifying Vector Contents
scm_vector_to_list Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
scm_vector_writable_elements Vector Accessing from C
scm_version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
scm_waitpid 7.2.7 Processes
scm_wait_condition_variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
scm_weak_key_hash_table_p Weak hash tables
scm_weak_value_hash_table_p Weak hash tables
scm_weak_vector Weak vectors
scm_weak_vector_p Weak vectors
scm_without_guile 6.21.5 Blocking in Guile Mode
scm_with_continuation_barrier 6.13.12 Continuation Barriers
scm_with_dynamic_state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_with_fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_with_fluids 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
scm_with_guile 6.4 Initializing Guile
scm_with_throw_handler Throw Handlers
scm_write_char 6.14.3 Writing
scm_write_line 6.14.6 Line Oriented and Delimited Text
scm_write_objcode 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
scm_write_string_partial 6.14.7 Block reading and writing
scm_wrong_num_args C Support
scm_wrong_type_arg C Support
scm_wrong_type_arg_msg C Support
scm_xsubstring Miscellaneous String Operations
scm_zero_p Comparison Predicates
script-stexi-documentation 8.16.2 Usage
sdocbook-flatten 8.10.2 Usage
search-path 6.17.7 Load Paths
second Selectors
seconds->time SRFI-18 Time
seed->random-state Random Number Generation
seek 6.14.5 Random Access
select 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
select-kids 8.8.2 Usage
send Network Sockets and Communication
sendto Network Sockets and Communication
sendto Network Sockets and Communication
sendto Network Sockets and Communication
sendto Network Sockets and Communication
serious-condition? 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
serious-condition? rnrs conditions
serve-one-client 7.3.8 Web Server
servent:aliases The Service Database
servent:name The Service Database
servent:port The Service Database
servent:proto The Service Database
set! rnrs base
set! 9.5 Illustrating Slot Description
set-buffered-input-continuation?! 7.14 Buffered Input
set-car! 6.7.1 Pairs
set-car! Inlined Scheme Instructions
set-cdr! 6.7.1 Pairs
set-cdr! Inlined Scheme Instructions
set-current-dynamic-state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
set-current-error-port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
set-current-input-port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
set-current-module 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
set-current-output-port 6.14.8 Default Ports for Input, Output and Errors
set-object-properties! 6.11.2 Object Properties
set-object-property! 6.11.2 Object Properties
set-port-column! 6.14.2 Reading
set-port-conversion-strategy! 6.14.1 Ports
set-port-encoding! 6.14.1 Ports
set-port-encoding! 6.17.8 Character Encoding of Source Files
set-port-filename! File Ports
set-port-line! 6.14.2 Reading
set-port-position! Port Manipulation
set-port-revealed! 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
set-procedure-properties! 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
set-procedure-property! 6.9.7 Procedure Properties and Meta-information
set-program-arguments 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
set-readline-input-port! 7.8.3 Readline Functions
set-readline-output-port! 7.8.3 Readline Functions
set-readline-prompt! Readline Port
set-record-type-printer! Custom Printers
set-source-properties! 6.25.2 Source Properties
set-source-property! 6.25.2 Source Properties
set-struct-vtable-name! Vtable Contents
set-symbol-property! Function Slots and Property Lists
set-thread-cleanup! 6.21.3 Threads
set-time-nanosecond! SRFI-19 Time
set-time-second! SRFI-19 Time
set-time-type! SRFI-19 Time
set-tm:gmtoff 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:hour 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:isdst 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:mday 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:min 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:mon 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:sec 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:wday 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:yday 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:year 7.2.5 Time
set-tm:zone 7.2.5 Time
set-vm-trace-level! VM Hooks
setaffinity 7.2.7 Processes
setegid 7.2.7 Processes
setenv 7.2.6 Runtime Environment
seteuid 7.2.7 Processes
setgid 7.2.7 Processes
setgr 7.2.4 User Information
setgrent 7.2.4 User Information
setgroups 7.2.7 Processes
sethost The Host Database
sethostent The Host Database
sethostname 7.2.12 System Identification
setitimer 7.2.8 Signals
setlocale 7.2.13 Locales
setnet The Network Database
setnetent The Network Database
setpgid 7.2.7 Processes
setpriority 7.2.7 Processes
setproto The Protocol Database
setprotoent The Protocol Database
setpw 7.2.4 User Information
setpwent 7.2.4 User Information
setserv The Service Database
setservent The Service Database
setsid 7.2.7 Processes
setsockopt Network Sockets and Communication
setter 6.9.8 Procedures with Setters
setuid 7.2.7 Processes
setvbuf 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
seventh Selectors
shallow-clone Cloning Objects
shallow-clone Cloning Objects
shared-array-increments Shared Arrays
shared-array-offset Shared Arrays
shared-array-root Shared Arrays
shift Shift, Reset, and All That
show Help Commands
shutdown Network Sockets and Communication
sigaction 7.2.8 Signals
signal-condition-variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
simple-conditions rnrs conditions
simple-format 6.14.3 Writing
sin Scientific Functions
sin rnrs base
sinh Scientific Functions
sint-list->bytevector Converting Bytevectors to/from Integer Lists
sixth Selectors
sizeof Foreign Structs
skip-until 8.6.2 Usage
skip-while 8.6.2 Usage
sleep 7.2.8 Signals
sloppy-assoc Sloppy Alist Functions
sloppy-assq Sloppy Alist Functions
sloppy-assv Sloppy Alist Functions
slot-bound-using-class? 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-bound? 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-definition-accessor 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-allocation 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-getter 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-init-form 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-init-keyword 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-init-thunk 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-init-value 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-name 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-options 9.8.3 Slots
slot-definition-setter 9.8.3 Slots
slot-exists-using-class? 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-exists? 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-init-function 9.8.3 Slots
slot-missing 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-missing 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-missing 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-missing 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-ref 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
slot-ref 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-ref Inlined Scheme Instructions
slot-ref-using-class 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-set Inlined Scheme Instructions
slot-set! 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
slot-set! 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-set-using-class! 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-unbound 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-unbound 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-unbound 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
slot-unbound 9.8.5 Accessing Slots
smob-call Trampoline Instructions
sockaddr:addr Network Socket Address
sockaddr:fam Network Socket Address
sockaddr:flowinfo Network Socket Address
sockaddr:path Network Socket Address
sockaddr:port Network Socket Address
sockaddr:scopeid Network Socket Address
socket Network Sockets and Communication
socketpair Network Sockets and Communication
sort 6.11.3 Sorting
sort! 6.11.3 Sorting
sort-list 6.11.3 Sorting
sort-list! 6.11.3 Sorting
sorted? 6.11.3 Sorting
source-properties 6.25.2 Source Properties
source-property 6.25.2 Source Properties
source:addr 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
source:column 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
source:file 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
source:line 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
span Searching
span! Searching
split-and-decode-uri-path 7.3.2 Universal Resource Identifiers
split-at Selectors
split-at! Selectors
sqrt Scientific Functions
sqrt rnrs base
SRV:send-reply 8.7.2 Usage
ssax:complete-start-tag 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:make-elem-parser 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:make-parser 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:make-pi-parser 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-attributes 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-cdata-body 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-char-data 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-char-ref 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-external-id 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-markup-token 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:read-pi-body-as-string 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:reverse-collect-str-drop-ws 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:skip-internal-dtd 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:uri-string->symbol 8.5.2 Usage
ssax:xml->sxml 8.5.2 Usage
stable-sort 6.11.3 Sorting
stable-sort! 6.11.3 Sorting
stack-id Stacks
stack-length Stacks
stack-ref Stacks
stack? Stacks
standard-error-port Output Ports
standard-input-port Input Ports
standard-output-port Output Ports
start-stack Stack Capture
stat 7.2.3 File System
stat:atime 7.2.3 File System
stat:atimensec 7.2.3 File System
stat:blksize 7.2.3 File System
stat:blocks 7.2.3 File System
stat:ctime 7.2.3 File System
stat:ctimensec 7.2.3 File System
stat:dev 7.2.3 File System
stat:gid 7.2.3 File System
stat:ino 7.2.3 File System
stat:mode 7.2.3 File System
stat:mtime 7.2.3 File System
stat:mtimensec 7.2.3 File System
stat:nlink 7.2.3 File System
stat:perms 7.2.3 File System
stat:rdev 7.2.3 File System
stat:size 7.2.3 File System
stat:type 7.2.3 File System
stat:uid 7.2.3 File System
statistics System Commands
statprof 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-accumulated-time 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-active? 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-call-data->stats 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-call-data-calls 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-call-data-cum-samples 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-call-data-name 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-call-data-self-samples 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-display 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-display-anomolies 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-fetch-call-tree 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-fetch-stacks 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-fold-call-data 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-proc-call-data 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-reset 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-sample-count 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-start 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-%-time-in-proc 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-calls 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-cum-secs-in-proc 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-cum-secs-per-call 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-proc-name 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-self-secs-in-proc 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stats-self-secs-per-call 8.1.3 Usage
statprof-stop 8.1.3 Usage
status:exit-val 7.2.7 Processes
status:stop-sig 7.2.7 Processes
status:term-sig 7.2.7 Processes
step Debug Commands
stexi->plain-text 8.14.2 Usage
stexi->shtml 8.11.2 Usage
stexi->sxml 8.9.2 Usage
stexi->texi 8.15.2 Usage
stexi-extract-index 8.12.2 Usage
stream->list 7.13 Streams
stream->list&length 7.13 Streams
stream->reversed-list 7.13 Streams
stream->reversed-list&length 7.13 Streams
stream->vector 7.13 Streams
stream-car 7.13 Streams
stream-cdr 7.13 Streams
stream-fold 7.13 Streams
stream-for-each 7.13 Streams
stream-map 7.13 Streams
stream-null? 7.13 Streams
strerror 6.13.9 Procedures for Signaling Errors
strftime 7.2.5 Time
string String Constructors
string rnrs base
string->bytevector Transcoders
string->char-set Creating Character Sets
string->char-set! Creating Character Sets
string->date SRFI-19 String to date
string->header 7.3.3 The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
string->keyword 7.5.34 SRFI-88 Keyword Objects
string->list List/String conversion
string->list rnrs base
string->number Converting Numbers To and From Strings
string->number rnrs base
string->pointer Void Pointers and Byte Access
string->symbol Operations Related to Symbols
string->symbol rnrs base
string->uri 7.3.2 Universal Resource Identifiers
string->utf16 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
string->utf32 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
string->utf8 Interpreting Bytevector Contents as Unicode Strings
string->wrapped-lines 8.13.2 Usage
string-any String Predicates
string-append Reversing and Appending Strings
string-append rnrs base
string-append/shared Reversing and Appending Strings
string-bytes-per-char String Internals
string-capitalize Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-capitalize! Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-ci->symbol Operations Related to Symbols
string-ci-hash Hash table algorithms
string-ci-hash rnrs hashtables
string-ci< String Comparison
string-ci<= String Comparison
string-ci<=? String Comparison
string-ci<=? rnrs unicode
string-ci<> String Comparison
string-ci<? String Comparison
string-ci<? rnrs unicode
string-ci= String Comparison
string-ci=? String Comparison
string-ci=? rnrs unicode
string-ci> String Comparison
string-ci>= String Comparison
string-ci>=? String Comparison
string-ci>=? rnrs unicode
string-ci>? String Comparison
string-ci>? rnrs unicode
string-compare String Comparison
string-compare-ci String Comparison
string-concatenate Reversing and Appending Strings
string-concatenate-reverse Reversing and Appending Strings
string-concatenate-reverse/shared Reversing and Appending Strings
string-concatenate/shared Reversing and Appending Strings
string-contains String Searching
string-contains-ci String Searching
string-copy String Selection
string-copy rnrs base
string-copy! String Modification
string-count String Searching
string-delete Miscellaneous String Operations
string-downcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-downcase rnrs unicode
string-downcase! Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-drop String Selection
string-drop-right String Selection
string-every String Predicates
string-fill! String Modification
string-filter Miscellaneous String Operations
string-fold Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-fold-right Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-foldcase rnrs unicode
string-for-each Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-for-each rnrs base
string-for-each-index Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-hash String Comparison
string-hash Hash table algorithms
string-hash rnrs hashtables
string-hash-ci String Comparison
string-index String Searching
string-index-right String Searching
string-join String Constructors
string-length String Selection
string-length rnrs base
string-locale-ci<? 6.24.2 Text Collation
string-locale-ci=? 6.24.2 Text Collation
string-locale-ci>? 6.24.2 Text Collation
string-locale-downcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
string-locale-titlecase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
string-locale-upcase 6.24.3 Character Case Mapping
string-locale<? 6.24.2 Text Collation
string-locale>? 6.24.2 Text Collation
string-map Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-map! Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-match 6.15.1 Regexp Functions
string-normalize-nfc String Comparison
string-normalize-nfc rnrs unicode
string-normalize-nfd String Comparison
string-normalize-nfd rnrs unicode
string-normalize-nfkc String Comparison
string-normalize-nfkc rnrs unicode
string-normalize-nfkd String Comparison
string-normalize-nfkd rnrs unicode
string-null? String Predicates
string-pad String Selection
string-pad-right String Selection
string-prefix-ci? String Searching
string-prefix-length String Searching
string-prefix-length-ci String Searching
string-prefix? String Searching
string-ref String Selection
string-ref rnrs base
string-replace Miscellaneous String Operations
string-reverse Reversing and Appending Strings
string-reverse! Reversing and Appending Strings
string-rindex String Searching
string-set! String Modification
string-skip String Searching
string-skip-right String Searching
string-split List/String conversion
string-suffix-ci? String Searching
string-suffix-length String Searching
string-suffix-length-ci String Searching
string-suffix? String Searching
string-tabulate String Constructors
string-take String Selection
string-take-right String Selection
string-titlecase Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-titlecase rnrs unicode
string-titlecase! Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-tokenize Miscellaneous String Operations
string-trim String Selection
string-trim-both String Selection
string-trim-right String Selection
string-unfold Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-unfold-right Mapping, Folding, and Unfolding
string-upcase Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-upcase rnrs unicode
string-upcase! Alphabetic Case Mapping
string-xcopy! Miscellaneous String Operations
string< String Comparison
string<= String Comparison
string<=? String Comparison
string<=? rnrs base
string<> String Comparison
string<? String Comparison
string<? rnrs base
string= String Comparison
string=? String Comparison
string=? rnrs base
string> String Comparison
string>= String Comparison
string>=? String Comparison
string>=? rnrs base
string>? String Comparison
string>? rnrs base
string? String Predicates
string? rnrs base
strptime 7.2.5 Time
strtod 6.24.4 Number Input and Output
strtod 6.24.4 Number Input and Output
struct-ref Structure Basics
struct-ref Inlined Scheme Instructions
struct-set Inlined Scheme Instructions
struct-set! Structure Basics
struct-vtable Structure Basics
struct-vtable Inlined Scheme Instructions
struct-vtable-name Vtable Contents
struct-vtable-tag Vtable Contents
struct-vtable? Vtable Contents
struct? Structure Basics
struct? Inlined Scheme Instructions
sub Inlined Mathematical Instructions
sub1 Inlined Mathematical Instructions
subr-call Trampoline Instructions
substring String Selection
substring rnrs base
substring-fill! String Modification
substring-move! String Modification
substring/copy String Selection
substring/read-only String Selection
substring/shared String Selection
subtract-duration SRFI-19 Time
subtract-duration! SRFI-19 Time
sxml->string 8.4.2 Usage
sxml->xml 8.4.2 Usage
sxml-match Syntax
sxml-match-let sxml-match-let and sxml-match-let*
sxml-match-let* sxml-match-let and sxml-match-let*
sxpath 8.8.2 Usage
symbol Operations Related to Symbols
symbol->keyword Keyword Procedures
symbol->string Operations Related to Symbols
symbol->string rnrs base
symbol-append Operations Related to Symbols
symbol-fref Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol-fset! Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol-hash Symbols as Lookup Keys
symbol-hash rnrs hashtables
symbol-interned? Uninterned Symbols
symbol-pref Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol-prefix-proc 6.19.2 Using Guile Modules
symbol-property Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol-property-remove! Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol-pset! Function Slots and Property Lists
symbol=? rnrs base
symbol? Operations Related to Symbols
symbol? rnrs base
symlink 7.2.3 File System
sync 7.2.3 File System
sync-q! 7.12 Queues
syntax 6.10.3 Support for the syntax-case System
syntax rnrs syntax-case
syntax->datum Why syntax-case?
syntax->datum rnrs syntax-case
syntax-case 6.10.3 Support for the syntax-case System
syntax-case rnrs syntax-case
syntax-local-binding 6.10.4 Syntax Transformer Helpers
syntax-locally-bound-identifiers 6.10.4 Syntax Transformer Helpers
syntax-module 6.10.4 Syntax Transformer Helpers
syntax-parameterize 6.10.7 Syntax Parameters
syntax-rules 6.10.2 Syntax-rules Macros
syntax-rules rnrs base
syntax-source 6.10.4 Syntax Transformer Helpers
syntax-violation rnrs syntax-case
syntax-violation rnrs syntax-case
syntax-violation-form rnrs conditions
syntax-violation-subform rnrs conditions
syntax-violation? rnrs conditions
system 7.2.7 Processes
system* 7.2.7 Processes
system-async-mark System asyncs
system-error-errno 7.2.1 POSIX Interface Conventions

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