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Procedure Index: H – I

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Index Entry  Section

halt Miscellaneous Instructions
handle-request 7.3.8 Web Server
hash Hash Table Reference
hash Hash table algorithms
hash-by-identity Hash table algorithms
hash-clear! Hash Table Reference
hash-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hash-fold Hash Table Reference
hash-for-each Hash Table Reference
hash-for-each-handle Hash Table Reference
hash-get-handle Hash Table Reference
hash-map->list Hash Table Reference
hash-ref Hash Table Reference
hash-remove! Hash Table Reference
hash-set! Hash Table Reference
hash-table->alist Table properties
hash-table-delete! Accessing table items
hash-table-equivalence-function Hash table algorithms
hash-table-exists? Accessing table items
hash-table-fold Table properties
hash-table-hash-function Hash table algorithms
hash-table-keys Table properties
hash-table-ref Accessing table items
hash-table-ref/default Accessing table items
hash-table-set! Accessing table items
hash-table-size Table properties
hash-table-update! Accessing table items
hash-table-update!/default Accessing table items
hash-table-values Table properties
hash-table-walk Table properties
hash-table? Hash Table Reference
hashq Hash Table Reference
hashq-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashq-get-handle Hash Table Reference
hashq-ref Hash Table Reference
hashq-remove! Hash Table Reference
hashq-set! Hash Table Reference
hashtable-clear! rnrs hashtables
hashtable-clear! rnrs hashtables
hashtable-contains? rnrs hashtables
hashtable-copy rnrs hashtables
hashtable-copy rnrs hashtables
hashtable-delete! rnrs hashtables
hashtable-entries rnrs hashtables
hashtable-equivalence-function rnrs hashtables
hashtable-hash-function rnrs hashtables
hashtable-keys rnrs hashtables
hashtable-mutable? rnrs hashtables
hashtable-ref rnrs hashtables
hashtable-set! rnrs hashtables
hashtable-size rnrs hashtables
hashtable-update! rnrs hashtables
hashtable? rnrs hashtables
hashv Hash Table Reference
hashv-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashv-get-handle Hash Table Reference
hashv-ref Hash Table Reference
hashv-remove! Hash Table Reference
hashv-set! Hash Table Reference
hashx-create-handle! Hash Table Reference
hashx-get-handle Hash Table Reference
hashx-ref Hash Table Reference
hashx-remove! Hash Table Reference
hashx-set! Hash Table Reference
header->string 7.3.3 The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
header-parser 7.3.3 The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
header-validator 7.3.3 The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
header-writer 7.3.3 The Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol
help Help Commands
hook->list Hook Reference
hook-empty? Hook Reference
hook? Hook Reference
hostent:addr-list The Host Database
hostent:addrtype The Host Database
hostent:aliases The Host Database
hostent:length The Host Database
hostent:name The Host Database
htonl Network Sockets and Communication
htons Network Sockets and Communication
http 7.3.8 Web Server
http-get 7.3.7 Web Client

i/o-decoding-error? Transcoders
i/o-encoding-error-char Transcoders
i/o-encoding-error? Transcoders
i/o-error-filename I/O Conditions
i/o-error-port I/O Conditions
i/o-error-position I/O Conditions
i/o-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-file-already-exists-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-file-does-not-exist-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-file-is-read-only-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-file-protection-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-filename-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-invalid-position-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-port-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-read-error? I/O Conditions
i/o-write-error? I/O Conditions
identifier-syntax 6.10.6 Identifier Macros
identifier-syntax 6.10.6 Identifier Macros
identifier-syntax rnrs base
identifier? Why syntax-case?
identifier? rnrs syntax-case
identity 6.9.6 Higher-Order Functions
if 6.13.2 Simple Conditional Evaluation
if rnrs base
imag-part Complex Number Operations
imag-part rnrs base
implementation-restriction-violation? rnrs conditions
import Module Commands
import 6.19.6 R6RS Libraries
in Module Commands
in Module Commands
include 6.17.11 Local Inclusion
include-from-path 6.17.11 Local Inclusion
inet-aton IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-lnaof IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-makeaddr IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-netof IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-ntoa IPv4 Address Conversion
inet-ntop IPv6 Address Conversion
inet-pton IPv6 Address Conversion
inexact rnrs base
inexact->exact Exact and Inexact Numbers
inexact->exact rnrs r5rs
inexact? Exact and Inexact Numbers
inexact? rnrs base
inf Real and Rational Numbers
inf? Real and Rational Numbers
infinite? rnrs base
input-port? 6.14.1 Ports
input-port? Input Ports
input-port? rnrs io simple
inspect Inspect Commands
install-trap-handler! High-Level Traps
instance? 9.8.2 Instances
instrumented-source-files 6.26 Code Coverage Reports
instrumented/executed-lines 6.26 Code Coverage Reports
integer->char 6.6.3 Characters
integer->char rnrs base
integer->list 7.5.30 SRFI-60 - Integers as Bits
integer-expt Bitwise Operations
integer-length Bitwise Operations
integer-valued? rnrs base
integer? Integers
integer? rnrs base
interaction-environment 6.17.4 Procedures for On the Fly Evaluation
iota Constructors
irritants-condition? rnrs conditions
is-a? 9.8.2 Instances
isatty? 7.2.9 Terminals and Ptys

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