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8.5.2 Usage

Function: current-ssax-error-port

Function: with-ssax-error-to-port port thunk

Function: xml-token? _
 -- Scheme Procedure: pair? x
     Return `#t' if X is a pair; otherwise return `#f'.


Special Form: xml-token-kind token

Special Form: xml-token-head token

Function: make-empty-attlist

Function: attlist-add attlist name-value

Function: attlist-null? _
 -- Scheme Procedure: null? x
     Return `#t' iff X is the empty list, else `#f'.


Function: attlist-remove-top attlist

Function: attlist->alist attlist

Function: attlist-fold kons knil lis1

Function: define-parsed-entity! entity str

Define a new parsed entity. entity should be a symbol.

Instances of &entity; in XML text will be replaced with the string str, which will then be parsed.

Function: reset-parsed-entity-definitions!

Restore the set of parsed entity definitions to its initial state.

Function: ssax:uri-string->symbol uri-str

Function: ssax:skip-internal-dtd port

Function: ssax:read-pi-body-as-string port

Function: ssax:reverse-collect-str-drop-ws fragments

Function: ssax:read-markup-token port

Function: ssax:read-cdata-body port str-handler seed

Function: ssax:read-char-ref port

Function: ssax:read-attributes port entities

Function: ssax:complete-start-tag tag-head port elems entities namespaces

Function: ssax:read-external-id port

Function: ssax:read-char-data port expect-eof? str-handler seed

Function: ssax:xml->sxml port namespace-prefix-assig

Special Form: ssax:make-parser . kw-val-pairs

Special Form: ssax:make-pi-parser orig-handlers

Special Form: ssax:make-elem-parser my-new-level-seed my-finish-element my-char-data-handler my-pi-handlers

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