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macro-binding 6.10.9 Internal Macros
macro-name 6.10.9 Internal Macros
macro-transformer 6.10.9 Internal Macros
macro-type 6.10.9 Internal Macros
macro? 6.10.9 Internal Macros
magnitude Complex Number Operations
magnitude rnrs base
major-version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
make 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
make 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
make 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
make 9.11.5 Class Definition Protocol
make-accessor 9.11.9 Generic Function Internals
make-arbiter 6.21.1 Arbiters
make-array Array Procedures
make-array Data Constructor Instructions
make-assertion-violation rnrs conditions
make-binding 6.9.3 Compiled Procedures
make-bitvector 6.7.4 Bit Vectors
make-buffered-input-port 7.14 Buffered Input
make-bytevector Manipulating Bytevectors
make-c-struct Foreign Structs
make-c32vector SRFI-4 - API
make-c64vector SRFI-4 - API
make-char32 Data Constructor Instructions
make-char8 Data Constructor Instructions
make-class 9.11.5 Class Definition Protocol
make-closure Lexical Environment Instructions
make-completion-function Completion
make-compound-condition 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
make-condition 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
make-condition-type 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
make-condition-variable 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
make-condition-variable SRFI-18 Condition variables
make-custom-binary-input-port Binary Input
make-custom-binary-output-port Binary Output
make-date SRFI-19 Date
make-doubly-weak-hash-table Weak hash tables
make-dynamic-state 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
make-empty-attlist 8.5.2 Usage
make-enumeration rnrs enums
make-eol Data Constructor Instructions
make-eq-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-eq-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-eqv-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-eqv-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-error rnrs conditions
make-f32vector SRFI-4 - API
make-f64vector SRFI-4 - API
make-false Data Constructor Instructions
make-fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
make-future 6.21.9 Futures
make-generic 9.11.9 Generic Function Internals
make-guardian 6.18.4 Guardians
make-hash-table Hash Table Reference
make-hash-table Creating hash tables
make-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-hashtable rnrs hashtables
make-hook Hook Reference
make-i/o-decoding-error Transcoders
make-i/o-encoding-error Transcoders
make-i/o-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-file-already-exists-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-file-does-not-exist-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-file-is-read-only-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-file-protection-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-invalid-position-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-port-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-read-error I/O Conditions
make-i/o-write-error I/O Conditions
make-implementation-restriction-violation rnrs conditions
make-instance 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
make-instance 9.3 Instance Creation and Slot Access
make-int16 Data Constructor Instructions
make-int64 Data Constructor Instructions
make-int8 Data Constructor Instructions
make-int8:0 Data Constructor Instructions
make-int8:1 Data Constructor Instructions
make-io-filename-error I/O Conditions
make-irritants-condition rnrs conditions
make-keyword Data Constructor Instructions
make-lexical-violation rnrs conditions
make-line-buffered-input-port 7.14 Buffered Input
make-list List Constructors
make-locale 6.24.1 Internationalization with Guile
make-message-condition rnrs conditions
make-method 9.11.8 Method Definition Internals
make-mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
make-mutex SRFI-18 Mutexes
make-nil Data Constructor Instructions
make-no-infinities-violation rnrs arithmetic flonums
make-no-nans-violation rnrs arithmetic flonums
make-non-continuable-violation rnrs conditions
make-object-property 6.11.2 Object Properties
make-parameter 6.21.8 Parameters
make-pointer Foreign Variables
make-polar Complex Number Operations
make-polar rnrs base
make-procedure-with-setter 6.9.8 Procedures with Setters
make-program 10.4.6 Bytecode and Objcode
make-prompt-tag Prompt Primitives
make-q 7.12 Queues
make-random-source Random Sources
make-record-constructor-descriptor rnrs records procedural
make-record-type 6.7.8 Records
make-record-type-descriptor rnrs records procedural
make-rectangular Complex Number Operations
make-rectangular rnrs base
make-recursive-mutex 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
make-regexp 6.15.1 Regexp Functions
make-s16vector SRFI-4 - API
make-s32vector SRFI-4 - API
make-s64vector SRFI-4 - API
make-s8vector SRFI-4 - API
make-serious-condition rnrs conditions
make-shared-array Shared Arrays
make-socket-address Network Socket Address
make-socket-address Network Socket Address
make-socket-address Network Socket Address
make-soft-port Soft Ports
make-stack Stack Capture
make-stream 7.13 Streams
make-string String Constructors
make-string rnrs base
make-struct Structure Basics
make-struct Data Constructor Instructions
make-struct-layout Vtable Vtables
make-symbol Uninterned Symbols
make-symbol Data Constructor Instructions
make-syntax-transformer 6.10.9 Internal Macros
make-syntax-violation rnrs conditions
make-text-wrapper 8.13.2 Usage
make-thread 6.21.3 Threads
make-thread SRFI-18 Threads
make-time SRFI-19 Time
make-transcoder Transcoders
make-transcoder Transcoders
make-transcoder Transcoders
make-true Data Constructor Instructions
make-typed-array Array Procedures
make-u16vector SRFI-4 - API
make-u32vector SRFI-4 - API
make-u64vector SRFI-4 - API
make-u8vector SRFI-4 - API
make-uint64 Data Constructor Instructions
make-unbound-fluid 6.21.7 Fluids and Dynamic States
make-undefined-variable 6.19.7 Variables
make-undefined-violation rnrs conditions
make-variable 6.19.7 Variables
make-variable Top-Level Environment Instructions
make-variable-transformer 6.10.6 Identifier Macros
make-variable-transformer rnrs syntax-case
make-vector Dynamic Vector Creation and Validation
make-vector rnrs base
make-vector rnrs base
make-violation rnrs conditions
make-vtable Vtables
make-vtable-vtable Vtable Vtables
make-warning rnrs conditions
make-weak-key-hash-table Weak hash tables
make-weak-value-hash-table Weak hash tables
make-weak-vector Weak vectors
make-who-condition rnrs conditions
malloc-stats 6.18.2 Memory Blocks
map List Mapping
map Fold, Unfold & Map
map! Fold, Unfold & Map
map-in-order List Mapping
map-union 8.8.2 Usage
match 7.7 Pattern Matching
match:count 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:end 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:prefix 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:start 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:string 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:substring 6.15.2 Match Structures
match:suffix 6.15.2 Match Structures
max Arithmetic Functions
max rnrs base
member List Searching
member Searching
member rnrs lists
memp rnrs lists
memq List Searching
memq rnrs lists
memv List Searching
memv rnrs lists
merge 6.11.3 Sorting
merge! 6.11.3 Sorting
message-condition? 7.5.23 SRFI-35 - Conditions
message-condition? rnrs conditions
method 9.11.8 Method Definition Internals
method-generic-function 9.8.4 Generic Functions
method-procedure 9.8.4 Generic Functions
method-source 9.8.4 Generic Functions
method-source 9.8.4 Generic Functions
method-specializers 9.8.4 Generic Functions
micro-version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
min Arithmetic Functions
min rnrs base
minor-version 6.22.1 Configuration, Build and Installation
mkdir 7.2.3 File System
mknod 7.2.3 File System
mkstemp! 7.2.3 File System
mktime 7.2.5 Time
mod rnrs base
mod Inlined Mathematical Instructions
mod0 rnrs base
modified-julian-day->date SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
modified-julian-day->time-monotonic SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
modified-julian-day->time-tai SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
modified-julian-day->time-utc SRFI-19 Time/Date conversions
module Module Commands
module-add! 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-define! 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-ref 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-set! 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-stexi-documentation 8.16.2 Usage
module-use! 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-uses 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
module-variable 6.19.8 Module System Reflection
modulo Operations on Integer Values
modulo rnrs r5rs
modulo-expt Operations on Integer Values
monetary-amount->locale-string 6.24.4 Number Input and Output
monitor 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
move->fdes 7.2.2 Ports and File Descriptors
mul Inlined Mathematical Instructions
mutex-level 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
mutex-lock! SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex-locked? 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
mutex-name SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex-owner 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
mutex-specific SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex-specific-set! SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex-state SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex-unlock! SRFI-18 Mutexes
mutex? 6.21.4 Mutexes and Condition Variables
mv-call Procedure Call and Return Instructions

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