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Command and Function Index: R – S

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Index Entry Section

re-search-backward20.4 Regular Expression Search
re-search-forward20.4 Regular Expression Search
read-abbrev-file34.5 Saving Abbrevs
recenter19.1 Scrolling
recentf-edit-list23.18 Convenience Features for Finding Files
recentf-mode23.18 Convenience Features for Finding Files
recentf-save-list23.18 Convenience Features for Finding Files
recode-file-name27.13 Coding Systems for File Names
recode-region27.11 Specifying a Coding System for File Text
recompile32.1 Running Compilations under Emacs
recover-file23.6.3 Recovering Data from Auto-Saves
recover-session23.6.3 Recovering Data from Auto-Saves
redraw-calendar39.4 Miscellaneous Calendar Commands
remove-hook57.3.2 Hooks
remove-untranslated-filesystemG.1 Text Files and Binary Files
rename-buffer24.3 Miscellaneous Buffer Operations
rename-file23.12 Miscellaneous File Operations
rename-uniquely24.3 Miscellaneous Buffer Operations
repeat8.11 Repeating a Command
repeat-complex-command9.5 Repeating Minibuffer Commands
replace-regexp20.9.2 Regexp Replacement
replace-string20.9.1 Unconditional Replacement
report-emacs-bug60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
reposition-window19.1 Scrolling
reveal-mode30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
revert-buffer23.4 Reverting a Buffer
revert-buffer (Dired)38.15 Updating the Dired Buffer
revert-buffer-with-coding-system27.11 Specifying a Coding System for File Text
rgrep32.4 Searching with Grep under Emacs
rmail37. Reading Mail with Rmail
rmail-add-label37.8 Labels
rmail-beginning-of-message37.2 Scrolling Within a Message
rmail-bury37.1 Basic Concepts of Rmail
rmail-continue37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-delete-backward37.4 Deleting Messages
rmail-delete-forward37.4 Deleting Messages
rmail-edit-current-message37.15 Editing Within a Message
rmail-end-of-message37.2 Scrolling Within a Message
rmail-expunge37.4 Deleting Messages
rmail-expunge-and-save37.1 Basic Concepts of Rmail
rmail-first-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-forward37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-get-new-mail37.6 Multiple Rmail Files
rmail-input37.6 Multiple Rmail Files
rmail-kill-label37.8 Labels
rmail-last-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-mail37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-mode37. Reading Mail with Rmail
rmail-next-labeled-message37.8 Labels
rmail-next-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-next-undeleted-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-output37.7 Copying Messages Out to Files
rmail-output-body-to-file37.7 Copying Messages Out to Files
rmail-output-to-rmail-file37.7 Copying Messages Out to Files
rmail-previous-labeled-message37.8 Labels
rmail-previous-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-previous-undeleted-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-quit37.1 Basic Concepts of Rmail
rmail-redecode-body37.14 Rmail and Coding Systems
rmail-reply37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-resend37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-retry-failure37.10 Sending Replies
rmail-search37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-show-message37.3 Moving Among Messages
rmail-summary37.11.1 Making Summaries
rmail-summary-by-labels37.11.1 Making Summaries
rmail-summary-by-recipients37.11.1 Making Summaries
rmail-summary-by-regexp37.11.1 Making Summaries
rmail-summary-by-topic37.11.1 Making Summaries
rmail-summary-quit37.11.2 Editing in Summaries
rmail-summary-wipe37.11.2 Editing in Summaries
rmail-toggle-header37.13 Display of Messages
rmail-undelete-previous-message37.4 Deleting Messages
rot13-other-window37.18 Reading Rot13 Messages
run-lisp32.11 Running an External Lisp

save-buffer23.3.1 Commands for Saving Files
save-buffers-kill-emacs7. Exiting Emacs
save-some-buffers23.3.1 Commands for Saving Files
scroll-all-mode53. Emulation
scroll-bar-mode26.11 Scroll Bars
scroll-calendar-left39.2 Scrolling in the Calendar
scroll-calendar-left-three-months39.2 Scrolling in the Calendar
scroll-calendar-right39.2 Scrolling in the Calendar
scroll-calendar-right-three-months39.2 Scrolling in the Calendar
scroll-down19.1 Scrolling
scroll-left19.3 Horizontal Scrolling
scroll-other-window25.3 Using Other Windows
scroll-right19.3 Horizontal Scrolling
scroll-up19.1 Scrolling
sdb32.6.1 Starting GUD
search-backward20.2 Nonincremental Search
search-forward20.2 Nonincremental Search
select-frame-by-name26.19 Non-Window Terminals
self-insert8.1 Inserting Text
send-invisible41.3 Shell Mode
server-edit42. Using Emacs as a Server
server-start42. Using Emacs as a Server
set-buffer-file-coding-system27.11 Specifying a Coding System for File Text
set-buffer-process-coding-system27.12 Coding Systems for Interprocess Communication
set-face-background19.5 Using Multiple Typefaces
set-face-foreground19.5 Using Multiple Typefaces
set-file-name-coding-system27.13 Coding Systems for File Names
set-fill-column30.5.2 Explicit Fill Commands
set-fill-prefix30.5.3 The Fill Prefix
set-frame-name26.19 Non-Window Terminals
set-fringe-style19.9 Window Fringes
set-goal-column8.2 Changing the Location of Point
set-input-method27.5 Selecting an Input Method
set-justification-center30.12.7 Justification in Formatted Text
set-justification-full30.12.7 Justification in Formatted Text
set-justification-left30.12.7 Justification in Formatted Text
set-justification-none30.12.7 Justification in Formatted Text
set-justification-right30.12.7 Justification in Formatted Text
set-keyboard-coding-system27.14 Coding Systems for Terminal I/O
set-language-environment27.3 Language Environments
set-left-margin30.12.6 Indentation in Formatted Text
set-locale-environment27.3 Language Environments
set-mark-command12.1 Setting the Mark
set-next-selection-coding-system27.12 Coding Systems for Interprocess Communication
set-right-margin30.12.6 Indentation in Formatted Text
set-rmail-inbox-list37.6 Multiple Rmail Files
set-selection-coding-system27.12 Coding Systems for Interprocess Communication
set-selective-display19.12 Selective Display
set-terminal-coding-system27.14 Coding Systems for Terminal I/O
set-variable57.3.1 Examining and Setting Variables
set-visited-file-name23.3.1 Commands for Saving Files
setenvC.5 Environment Variables
setq-default57.3.3 Local Variables
sgml-attributes30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-close-tag30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-delete-tag30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-name-8bit-mode30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-name-char30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-skip-tag-backward30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-skip-tag-forward30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-tag30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-tag-help30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-tags-invisible30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
sgml-validate30.10 SGML, XML, and HTML Modes
shadow-initialize23.3.5 Shadowing Files
shell41.2 Interactive Inferior Shell
shell-backward-command41.3 Shell Mode
shell-command41.1 Single Shell Commands
shell-command-on-region41.1 Single Shell Commands
shell-forward-command41.3 Shell Mode
shell-pushd-dextract41.7 Shell Mode Options
shell-pushd-dunique41.7 Shell Mode Options
shell-pushd-tohome41.7 Shell Mode Options
show-all30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
show-branches30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
show-children30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
show-entry30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
show-paren-mode31.4.3 Automatic Display Of Matching Parentheses
show-subtree30.8.3 Outline Visibility Commands
shrink-window-if-larger-than-buffer25.6 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
simple-diary-display39.15.7 Fancy Diary Display
size-indication-mode19.13 Optional Mode Line Features
slitex-mode30.9 TeX Mode
smerge-mode23.10 Comparing Files
snake56. Other Amusements
solitaire56. Other Amusements
sort-columns47. Sorting Text
sort-diary-entries39.15.7 Fancy Diary Display
sort-fields47. Sorting Text
sort-lines47. Sorting Text
sort-numeric-fields47. Sorting Text
sort-pages47. Sorting Text
sort-paragraphs47. Sorting Text
split-line29.1 Indentation Commands and Techniques
split-window-horizontally25.2 Splitting Windows
split-window-vertically25.2 Splitting Windows
spook36.5 Mail Amusements
standard-display-8bit27.18 Unibyte Editing Mode
string-insert-rectangle16. Rectangles
string-rectangle16. Rectangles
studlify-region56. Other Amusements
substitute-in-file-name23.1 File Names
substitute-key-definition57.6.2 Init File Examples
sunrise-sunset39.7 Times of Sunrise and Sunset
suspend-emacs7. Exiting Emacs
switch-to-buffer24.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
switch-to-buffer-other-frame24.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
switch-to-buffer-other-window24.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
switch-to-completions9.3.2 Completion Commands

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