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Command and Function Index: E – F

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Index Entry Section

edit-abbrevs34.4 Examining and Editing Abbrevs
edit-kbd-macro22.6 Editing a Keyboard Macro
edit-picture35. Editing Pictures
edit-tab-stops29.2 Tab Stops
edit-tab-stops-note-changes29.2 Tab Stops
edt-emulation-off53. Emulation
edt-emulation-on53. Emulation
eldoc-mode31.6.3 Emacs Lisp Documentation Lookup
electric-nroff-mode30.11 Nroff Mode
emacs-lisp-mode32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
emacs-version60.2 Understanding Bug Reporting
emerge-auto-advance-mode33.4.2 Submodes of Emerge
emerge-buffers33.4.1 Overview of Emerge
emerge-buffers-with-ancestor33.4.1 Overview of Emerge
emerge-files33.4.1 Overview of Emerge
emerge-files-with-ancestor33.4.1 Overview of Emerge
emerge-skip-prefers-mode33.4.2 Submodes of Emerge
enable-command57.4.10 Disabling Commands
enable-theme57.2.7 Customization Themes
end-of-buffer8.2 Changing the Location of Point
end-of-defun31.2.2 Moving by Defuns
enlarge-window25.6 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
enlarge-window-horizontally25.6 Deleting and Rearranging Windows
enriched-mode30.12.1 Requesting to Edit Formatted Text
european-calendar39.10.3 Date Formats
eval-buffer32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
eval-defun32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
eval-expression32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
eval-last-sexp32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
eval-region32.9 Evaluating Emacs Lisp Expressions
exchange-point-and-mark12.1 Setting the Mark
execute-extended-command10. Running Commands by Name
exit-calendar39.4 Miscellaneous Calendar Commands
exit-recursive-edit52. Recursive Editing Levels
expand-abbrev34.3 Controlling Abbrev Expansion
expand-mail-aliases36.3 Mail Aliases
expand-region-abbrevs34.3 Controlling Abbrev Expansion

f90-beginning-of-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
f90-end-of-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
f90-mode31.13 Fortran Mode
f90-next-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
f90-next-statement31.13.1 Motion Commands
f90-previous-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
f90-previous-statement31.13.1 Motion Commands
facemenu-remove-all30.12.3 Editing Format Information
facemenu-remove-face-props30.12.3 Editing Format Information
facemenu-set-background30.12.5 Colors in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-bold30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-bold-italic30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-default30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-face30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-foreground30.12.5 Colors in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-italic30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
facemenu-set-underline30.12.4 Faces in Formatted Text
fancy-diary-display39.15.7 Fancy Diary Display
ff-find-related-file31.11.4 Other Commands for C Mode
ffap54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
ffap-menu54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
ffap-mode54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
ffap-next54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
file-cache-add-directory23.17 File Name Cache
file-cache-minibuffer-complete23.17 File Name Cache
file-name-shadow-mode9.1 Minibuffers for File Names
filesets-add-buffer23.19 Filesets
filesets-init23.19 Filesets
filesets-remove-buffer23.19 Filesets
fill-individual-paragraphs30.5.3 The Fill Prefix
fill-nonuniform-paragraphs30.5.3 The Fill Prefix
fill-paragraph30.5.2 Explicit Fill Commands
fill-region30.5.2 Explicit Fill Commands
fill-region-as-paragraph30.5.2 Explicit Fill Commands
find-alternate-file23.2 Visiting Files
find-dired38.16 Dired and find
find-file23.2 Visiting Files
find-file-at-point54.3 Finding Files and URLs at Point
find-file-literally23.2 Visiting Files
find-file-other-frame23.2 Visiting Files
find-file-other-window23.2 Visiting Files
find-file-read-only23.2 Visiting Files
find-file-read-only-other-frame26.5 Creating Frames
find-grep32.4 Searching with Grep under Emacs
find-grep-dired38.16 Dired and find
find-name-dired38.16 Dired and find
find-tag33.3.5 Finding a Tag
find-tag-other-frame33.3.5 Finding a Tag
find-tag-other-window33.3.5 Finding a Tag
find-tag-regexp33.3.5 Finding a Tag
finder-by-keyword11.6 Keyword Search for Lisp Libraries
flush-lines20.10 Other Search-and-Loop Commands
flyspell-mode21.5 Checking and Correcting Spelling
flyspell-prog-mode21.5 Checking and Correcting Spelling
foldout-exit-fold30.8.5 Folding Editing
foldout-zoom-subtree30.8.5 Folding Editing
follow-mode19.4 Follow Mode
font-lock-add-keywords19.7 Font Lock mode
font-lock-mode19.7 Font Lock mode
font-lock-remove-keywords19.7 Font Lock mode
format-find-file30.12.9 Forcing Enriched Mode
fortran-beginning-of-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
fortran-column-ruler31.13.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortran-comment-region31.13.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-end-of-block31.13.1 Motion Commands
fortran-indent-comment31.13.3 Fortran Comments
fortran-indent-subprogram31.13.2.1 Fortran Indentation and Filling Commands
fortran-join-line31.13.2.1 Fortran Indentation and Filling Commands
fortran-mode31.13 Fortran Mode
fortran-next-statement31.13.1 Motion Commands
fortran-previous-statement31.13.1 Motion Commands
fortran-split-line31.13.2.1 Fortran Indentation and Filling Commands
fortran-strip-sequence-nos31.13.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortran-window-create31.13.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortran-window-create-momentarily31.13.5 Checking Columns in Fortran
fortune-to-signature36.5 Mail Amusements
forward-char8.2 Changing the Location of Point
forward-list31.4.2 Moving in the Parenthesis Structure
forward-page30.4 Pages
forward-paragraph30.3 Paragraphs
forward-sentence30.2 Sentences
forward-sexp31.4.1 Expressions with Balanced Parentheses
forward-text-line30.11 Nroff Mode
forward-word30.1 Words
frame-configuration-to-register18.4 Saving Window Configurations in Registers
fringe-mode19.9 Window Fringes

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