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Command and Function Index: N – Q

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Index Entry Section

narrow-to-defun48. Narrowing
narrow-to-page48. Narrowing
narrow-to-region48. Narrowing
negative-argument8.10 Numeric Arguments
newline8.1 Inserting Text
newline-and-indent31.3.1 Basic Program Indentation Commands
next-buffer24.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
next-completion9.3.2 Completion Commands
next-error32.2 Compilation Mode
next-error-follow-minor-mode32.2 Compilation Mode
next-history-element9.4 Minibuffer History
next-line8.2 Changing the Location of Point
next-matching-history-element9.4 Minibuffer History
normal-erase-is-backspace-mode13.1 Deletion
normal-erase-is-backspace-mode59.1 If <DEL> Fails to Delete
normal-mode28.1 How Major Modes are Chosen
not-modified23.3.1 Commands for Saving Files
nroff-mode30.11 Nroff Mode
number-to-register18.5 Keeping Numbers in Registers

occur20.10 Other Search-and-Loop Commands
open-dribble-file60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
open-line8.7 Blank Lines
open-rectangle16. Rectangles
open-termscript60.3 Checklist for Bug Reports
other-frame26.6 Frame Commands
other-window25.3 Using Other Windows
outline-backward-same-level30.8.2 Outline Motion Commands
outline-forward-same-level30.8.2 Outline Motion Commands
outline-minor-mode30.8 Outline Mode
outline-mode30.8 Outline Mode
outline-next-visible-heading30.8.2 Outline Motion Commands
outline-previous-visible-heading30.8.2 Outline Motion Commands
outline-up-heading30.8.2 Outline Motion Commands
overwrite-mode57.1 Minor Modes

paragraph-indent-minor-mode30.7 Text Mode
paragraph-indent-text-mode30.7 Text Mode
partial-completion-mode9.3.4 Completion Options
pdb32.6.1 Starting GUD
perldb32.6.1 Starting GUD
phases-of-moon39.8 Phases of the Moon
picture-backward-clear-column35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-backward-column35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-clear-column35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-clear-line35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-clear-rectangle35.4 Picture Mode Rectangle Commands
picture-clear-rectangle-to-register35.4 Picture Mode Rectangle Commands
picture-forward-column35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-motion35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-motion-reverse35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-move-down35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-move-up35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-movement-down35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-left35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-ne35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-nw35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-right35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-se35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-sw35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-movement-up35.2 Controlling Motion after Insert
picture-newline35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-open-line35.1 Basic Editing in Picture Mode
picture-set-tab-stops35.3 Picture Mode Tabs
picture-tab35.3 Picture Mode Tabs
picture-tab-search35.3 Picture Mode Tabs
picture-yank-rectangle35.4 Picture Mode Rectangle Commands
picture-yank-rectangle-from-register35.4 Picture Mode Rectangle Commands
plain-tex-mode30.9 TeX Mode
point-to-register18.1 Saving Positions in Registers
pong56. Other Amusements
pop-global-mark12.7 The Global Mark Ring
pop-tag-mark33.3.5 Finding a Tag
posix-file-name-to-macF.6 Mac-Specific Lisp Functions
pr-interface46. Printing Package
prefer-coding-system27.8 Recognizing Coding Systems
prepend-to-buffer15. Accumulating Text
prepend-to-register18.2 Saving Text in Registers
previous-buffer24.1 Creating and Selecting Buffers
previous-completion9.3.2 Completion Commands
previous-history-element9.4 Minibuffer History
previous-line8.2 Changing the Location of Point
previous-matching-history-element9.4 Minibuffer History
print-buffer43. Printing Hard Copies
print-buffer (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
print-diary-entries39.15.5 Customizing the Diary
print-region43. Printing Hard Copies
print-region (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
ps-print-buffer44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-print-buffer (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
ps-print-buffer-with-faces44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-print-region44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-print-region-with-faces44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-spool-buffer44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-spool-buffer (MS-DOS)G.8 Printing and MS-Windows
ps-spool-buffer-with-faces44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-spool-region44. PostScript Hardcopy
ps-spool-region-with-faces44. PostScript Hardcopy
pwd23.1 File Names

quail-set-keyboard-layout27.5 Selecting an Input Method
quail-show-key27.5 Selecting an Input Method
query-replace20.9.4 Query Replace
query-replace-regexp20.9.4 Query Replace
quietly-read-abbrev-file34.5 Saving Abbrevs
quoted-insert8.1 Inserting Text

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