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Policy Definition Files

Policy Definition Files — Represents a set of declared actions.


This class is used to represent a policy file.



typedef struct _PolKitPolicyFile PolKitPolicyFile;

Objects of this class are used to record information about a policy file.

PolKitPolicyFileEntryForeachFunc ()

polkit_bool_t       (*PolKitPolicyFileEntryForeachFunc) (PolKitPolicyFile *policy_file,
                                                         PolKitPolicyFileEntry *policy_file_entry,
                                                         void *user_data);

Type for function used in polkit_policy_file_entry_foreach().

policy_file :

the policy file

policy_file_entry :

the entry

user_data :

user data

Returns :

TRUE to short-circuit, e.g. stop the iteration

polkit_policy_file_new ()

PolKitPolicyFile *  polkit_policy_file_new              (const char *path,
                                                         polkit_bool_t load_descriptions,
                                                         PolKitError **error);

Load a policy file.

path :

path to file

load_descriptions :

whether descriptions should be loaded

error :

Return location for error

Returns :

The new object or NULL if error is set

polkit_policy_file_ref ()

PolKitPolicyFile *  polkit_policy_file_ref              (PolKitPolicyFile *policy_file);

Increase reference count.

policy_file :

the policy file object

Returns :

the object

polkit_policy_file_unref ()

void                polkit_policy_file_unref            (PolKitPolicyFile *policy_file);

Decreases the reference count of the object. If it becomes zero, the object is freed. Before freeing, reference counts on embedded objects are decresed by one.

policy_file :

the policy file object

polkit_policy_file_entry_foreach ()

polkit_bool_t       polkit_policy_file_entry_foreach    (PolKitPolicyFile *policy_file,
                                                         PolKitPolicyFileEntryForeachFunc cb,
                                                         void *user_data);

Visits all entries in a policy file.

policy_file :

the policy file object

cb :

callback to invoke for each entry

user_data :

user data

Returns :

TRUE if the iteration was short-circuited
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