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I. Design Overview
History and Prior Art
Defining the Problem
PolicyKit Model
Mechanims vs. Policy
Theory of Operation
Authentication Agent
PolicyKit configuration
Declaring Actions
Beyond the Defaults
II. Core API Reference
Basic types — Type definitions for common primitive types.
System Dependencies — Various platform specific utility functions
Simple convenience interface — Simple convenience interface
Error reporting — Representation of recoverable errors.
Results — Definition of results of PolicyKit queries.
Actions — Models what a caller is attempting to do.
Seat — Represents a ConsoleKit Seat.
Session — Represents a ConsoleKit Session.
Caller — Represents a process requesting a mechanism to do something.
Caller Determination — Obtaining seat, session and caller information via D-Bus and ConsoleKit.
Context — The main interface used to query PolicyKit.
Configuration — Represents the system-wide /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf file.
Policy Definition Files — Represents a set of declared actions.
Policy File Entry — Represents a declared action in a policy file.
Defaults — Models the default policy for an action.
Policy Cache — Holds the actions defined on the system.
Authorization Entry — An entry in the autothorization database
Authorization Constraints — Conditions that must be satisfied in order for an authorization to apply
Authorization Database — Reading from and writing to the database storing authorizations
Authorizations and Authentication — Obtain authorizations through authentication.
III. Tools and file formats
PolicyKit — Centralized policy management
PolicyKit.conf — PolicyKit configuration file
polkit-auth — Manage authorizations
polkit-action — List and modify registered PolicyKit actions
polkit-policy-file-validate — Validate a PolicyKit policy file
polkit-config-file-validate — Validate a PolicyKit configuration file
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 0.7
Index of new symbols in 0.8
A. License
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