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Core API Reference

This part presents the class and function reference for the core PolicyKit libraries, libpolkit, libpolkit-grant and libpolkit-dbus. Note that unless explictly stated, a function belongs to libpolkit. The split is arranged such that mechanisms checking for authorizations only need to link with libpolkit.

Table of Contents

Basic types — Type definitions for common primitive types.
System Dependencies — Various platform specific utility functions
Simple convenience interface — Simple convenience interface
Error reporting — Representation of recoverable errors.
Results — Definition of results of PolicyKit queries.
Actions — Models what a caller is attempting to do.
Seat — Represents a ConsoleKit Seat.
Session — Represents a ConsoleKit Session.
Caller — Represents a process requesting a mechanism to do something.
Caller Determination — Obtaining seat, session and caller information via D-Bus and ConsoleKit.
Context — The main interface used to query PolicyKit.
Configuration — Represents the system-wide /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf file.
Policy Definition Files — Represents a set of declared actions.
Policy File Entry — Represents a declared action in a policy file.
Defaults — Models the default policy for an action.
Policy Cache — Holds the actions defined on the system.
Authorization Entry — An entry in the autothorization database
Authorization Constraints — Conditions that must be satisfied in order for an authorization to apply
Authorization Database — Reading from and writing to the database storing authorizations
Authorizations and Authentication — Obtain authorizations through authentication.
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