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ResMerger(1)              BSD General Commands Manual             ResMerger(1)


     /usr/bin/ResMerger -- Merges resource forks or files into one resource


     /usr/bin/ResMerger [-fileCreator <fileCreator>] [-fileType <fileType>]
                        [-[a]ppend] [-srcIs RSRC | DF] [-dstIs RSRC | DF] file
                        ... -o <dest-file>


     The /usr/bin/ResMerger command merges the Carbon Resource Manager
     resource data in multiple files into a single file.  The output file may
     be one of the input files.

     The /usr/bin/ResMerger command takes the following flags and arguments:

     -fileCreator <fileCreator>
                   Sets the HFS creator type of the output file.  The default
                   is '????'.

     -fileType <fileType>
                   Sets the HFS file type of the output file.  The default is

     -[a]ppend     Append to output file, rather than overwriting it.

     -srcIs RSRC | DF
                   The fork in which to look for resources in the input
                   file(s).  The default is the data fork (DF).

     -dstIs RSRC | DF
                   The fork in which to write resources in the output file.
                   The default is the data fork (DF).

     -skip <type>  Specifies resource type to skip during the resource merge.
                   May be used multiple times, to specify multiple resource
                   types to skip.

     file          Specifies one or more input files.  Note that as there is
                   only one srcIs flag, the input files must be homogenous,
                   that is, the resources must be in the same fork of all
                   input files.

     -o <dest-file>
                   Specifies the output file.  If the fork designated by
                   -dstIs exists, it is overwritten unless the -a flag is pro-
                   vided; if it does not exist, it is created.


     Rez(1), DeRez(1), RezWack(1), UnRezWack(1), SplitForks(1)

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