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SplitForks(1)             BSD General Commands Manual            SplitForks(1)


     /usr/bin/SplitForks -- Divide a two-fork HFS file into AppleDouble format
     resource and data files.


     /usr/bin/SplitForks [-s] [-v] file


     SplitForks takes a Macintosh HFS or HFS Extended ("HFS+") two-fork file
     and converts it into AppleDouble format, with the data fork in one file
     and the resource fork and file system metadata in another.

     /usr/bin/SplitForks takes the following flags and arguments:

     [s]      Strip the resource fork from the original file.  The default is
              to leave the resource file in place after copying it to its
              AppleDouble metadata file.

     [v]      Produce verbose diagnostics to standard output.

     file     The file to split.


     foo     Data fork of file 'foo'


     SplitForks will fail with error 2 if the designated file is not on an HFS
     or Extended HFS file system volume.


     FixupResourceForks(1), MvMac(1), CpMac(1)


     Consult RFC 1740 for details on AppleSingle/AppleDouble formats.

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