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UnRezWack(1)              BSD General Commands Manual             UnRezWack(1)


     /usr/bin/UnRezWack -- Split a RezWack file into separate data and
     resource files.


     /usr/bin/UnRezWack file -o outFileNameBase [-f]


     The /usr/bin/UnRezWack command takes a file created by RezWack(1) as its
     input file (it does not read Standard In) and divides it into two files,
     one containing the data fork and one containing the resource data.
     /usr/bin/UnRezWack takes the following flags and arguments:

     file     Path to the input file.  This must be a file created with

     -o outFileNameBase
              Base path of the output files.  UnRezWack will create two files
              at this base path, one with the extension ".data" and one with
              the extension ".qtr".  The resource data will be written to the
              data fork of the resource data file; it is not possible to cre-
              ate a HFS or Extended HFS resource fork file using UnRezWack.

              If either file exists, /usr/bin/UnRezWack will exit with error 2
              unless the -f flag is provided.

     -f       Force overwriting of output files.


     Rez(1), DeRez(1), RezWack(1), SplitForks(1)

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