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gtk.CellRendererPixbuf — an object that renders a pixbuf into a gtk.TreeView cell


class gtk.CellRendererPixbuf(gtk.CellRenderer):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.CellRenderer
      +-- gtk.CellRendererPixbuf

gtk.CellRendererPixbuf Properties

gtk.Object Properties

gtk.CellRenderer Properties

"follow-state"Read-WriteIf True the rendered pixbuf should be colorized according to the GTK CellRenderer State Constants. This property is available in GTK+ 2.8 and above.
"gicon"Read-WriteIf True the GIcon representing the icon to display. If the icon theme is changed, the image will be updated automatically. This property is available in GTK+ 2.14 and above.
"icon-name"Read-WriteThe name of the themed icon to display. This property only has an effect if not overridden by "stock_id" or "pixbuf" properties. This property is available in GTK+ 2.8 and above.
"pixbuf"Read/WriteThe pixbuf to render.
"pixbuf-expander-closed"Read/WritePixbuf for closed expander.
"pixbuf-expander-open"Read/WritePixbuf for open expander.
"stock-detail"Read/WriteRender detail to pass to the theme engine
"stock-id"Read/WriteThe stock ID of the stock icon to render
"stock-size"Read/WriteThe size of the rendered icon

gtk.CellRendererPixbuf Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes

gtk.Object Signal Prototypes

gtk.CellRenderer Signal Prototypes


The gtk.CellRendererPixbuf manages the rendering of a pixbuf into a gtk.TreeView cell.



Returns :

the new cell renderer

Creates a new gtk.CellRendererPixbuf. Rendering parameters are adjusted using the object properties. The object properties can be set globally (with set_property()). Also, with gtk.TreeViewColumn, you can bind a property to a value in a gtk.TreeModel. For example, you can bind the "pixbuf" property on the cell renderer to a pixbuf value in the model, thus rendering a different image in each row of the gtk.TreeView.

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