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gtk.CellRendererCombo — an object that renders a gtk.ComboBoxEntry into a gtk.TreeView cell (new in PyGTK 2.6)


class gtk.CellRendererCombo(gtk.CellRendererText):


+-- gobject.GObject
  +-- gtk.Object
    +-- gtk.CellRenderer
      +-- gtk.CellRendererText
        +-- gtk.CellRendererCombo

gtk.CellRendererCombo Properties

gtk.Object Properties

gtk.CellRenderer Properties

gtk.CellRendererText Properties

"has-entry"Read/WriteIf False, don't allow entering strings other than the given ones. Default value: True. Available in GTK+ 2.6 and above.
"model"Read/WriteThe tree model containing the possible values for the combo box entry. Available in GTK+ 2.6 and above.
"text-column"Read/WriteA column in the data source model to get the strings from. Allowed values: >= -1. Default value: -1. Available in GTK+ 2.6 and above.

gtk.CellRendererCombo Signal Prototypes

gobject.GObject Signal Prototypes

gtk.Object Signal Prototypes

gtk.CellRenderer Signal Prototypes

gtk.CellRendererText Signal Prototypes


def callback(combo, path_string, new_iter, user_param1, ...)



This object is available in PyGTK 2.6 and above.

The gtk.CellRendererCombo manages the rendering of a gtk.ComboBoxEntry into a gtk.TreeView cell.



Returns :

the new cell renderer


This constructor is available in PyGTK 2.6 and above.

Creates a new gtk.CellRendererCombo. Rendering parameters are adjusted using the object properties. The object properties can be set globally (with set_property()). Also, with gtk.TreeViewColumn, you can bind a property to a value in a gtk.TreeModel. For example, you can bind the "text" property on the cell renderer to a string value in the model, thus rendering a different string in each row of the gtk.TreeView.


The "changed" gtk.CellRendererCombo Signal

    def callback(combo, path_string, new_iter, user_param1, ...)

combo :

the object on which the signal is emitted

path_string :

a string of the path identifying the edited cell (relative to the tree view model)

new_iter :

the new iter selected in the combo box (relative to the combo box model)

user_param1 :

the first user parameter (if any) specified with the connect() method

... :

additional user parameters (if any)

The "changed" signal is emitted each time after the user selected an item in the combo box, either by using the mouse or the arrow keys. Contrary to GtkComboBox, GtkCellRendererCombo::changed is not emitted for changes made to a selected item in the entry. The argument new_iter corresponds to the newly selected item in the combo box and it is relative to the GtkTreeModel set via the model property on GtkCellRendererCombo.

Note that as soon as you change the model displayed in the tree view, the tree view will immediately cease the editing operating. This means that you most probably want to refrain from changing the model until the combo cell renderer emits the edited or editing_canceled signal.


This method is available in PyGTK 2.14 and above.

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