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GnomeVFSContext — contexts allows modules to track thread usage and cancellation properly



gnome_vfs_context_new ()

GnomeVFSContext*    gnome_vfs_context_new               (void);

Creates a new context and cancellation object. Must be called from the main glib event loop.

Returns :

a newly allocated GnomeVFSContext.

gnome_vfs_context_free ()

void                gnome_vfs_context_free              (GnomeVFSContext *ctx);

Free ctx and destroy the associated GnomeVFSCancellation.

ctx :

context to be freed.

gnome_vfs_context_get_cancellation ()

GnomeVFSCancellation * gnome_vfs_context_get_cancellation
                                                        (const GnomeVFSContext *ctx);

Retrieve the GnomeVFSCancellation associated with ctx.

ctx :

context to get the GnomeVFSCancellation from.

Returns :

ctx 's GnomeVFSCancellation.


#define             gnome_vfs_context_check_cancellation(x)

x :

gnome_vfs_context_peek_current ()

const GnomeVFSContext * gnome_vfs_context_peek_current  (void);

Get the currently active context. It shouldn't be manipulated but can be compared to contexts module holds to determine whether they are active.

Returns :

the currently active GnomeVFSContext.

gnome_vfs_context_check_cancellation_current ()

gboolean            gnome_vfs_context_check_cancellation_current

Check to see if the currently active context has been cancelled.

Returns :

TRUE if the currently active context has been cancelled, otherwise FALSE.
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