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Filesystem Modules

Writing Modules — basic gnome-vfs module concepts
gnome-vfs-module-callback-module-api — invoking callbacks from a gnome-vfs module to ask the application for necessary information (authentication, ...)
GnomeVFSContext — contexts allows modules to track thread usage and cancellation properly
gnome-vfs-parse-ls — convenience functions for modules which want to parse a ls-like directory listing
gnome-vfs-standard-callbacks — standard callbacks for use by gnome-vfs module writers
gnome-vfs-module-callback — functions used by apps if they want to answer to callback invocations by gnome-vfs modules

Modules are the mechanism by which GnomeVFS accesses different filesystems, from http, to the local disk, to smb. Module authors must implement a simple set of filesystem operations and can provide varying degrees of service (read-only, read-write, seeking, etc). Modules are dynamically loaded based upon the URI scheme passed into the high-level GnomeVFS APIs.

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