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TIME(3)                   GNU Awk Extension Modules                  TIME(3)


       time - time functions for gawk


       @load "time"

       time = gettimeofday()
       ret = sleep(amount)


       This extension is deprecated in favor of the timex extension in the
       gawkextlib project.  Loading it issues a warning.  It will be removed
       from the gawk distribution in the next major release.


       The time extension adds two functions named gettimeofday() and sleep(),
       as follows.

              This function returns the number of seconds since the Epoch as a
              floating-point value. It should have subsecond precision.  It
              returns -1 upon error and sets ERRNO to indicate the problem.

              This function attempts to sleep for the given amount of seconds,
              which may include a fractional portion.  If seconds is negative,
              or the attempt to sleep fails, then it returns -1 and sets ERRNO.
              Otherwise, the function should return 0 after sleeping for the
              indicated amount of time.


       @load "time"
       printf "It is now %g seconds since the Epoch\n", gettimeofday()
       printf "Pausing for a while... " ; sleep(2.5) ; print "done"


       GAWK: Effective AWK Programming, filefuncs(3), fnmatch(3), fork(3),
       inplace(3), ordchr(3), readdir(3), readfile(3), revoutput(3),

       gettimeofday(2), nanosleep(2), select(2).


       Arnold Robbins,


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