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READFILE(3am)              GNU Awk Extension Modules             READFILE(3am)


       readfile - return the entire contents of a file as a string


       @load "readfile"

       result = readfile("/some/path")

       For making whole files be single records:

       @load "readfile"
       BEGIN { PROCINFO["readfile"] = 1 }


       The  readfile  extension  adds a single function named readfile(3).  The
       argument is the name of the file to read.  The return value is a string
       containing the entire contents of the requested file.

       Upon error, the function returns the empty string and sets ERRNO.

       In   addition,   it   adds   an  input  parser  that  is  activated  if
       PROCINFO["readfile"]  exists.   When  activated,  each  input  file  is
       returned in its entirety as $0.  RT is set to the null string.


       @load "readfile"
       contents = readfile("/path/to/file");
       if (contents == "" && ERRNO != "") {
           print("problem reading file", ERRNO) > "/dev/stderr"


       GAWK:   Effective   AWK   Programming,   filefuncs(3),  fnmatch(3),
       fork(3),  inplace(3),  ordchr(3),  readdir(3),  revoutput(3),
       rwarray(3), time(3).


       Arnold Robbins,


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