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B. Concept Index: P – Z

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Index Entry Section

paginating diff output5.2 Paginating diff Output
patch consumer tips11.2 Tips for Patch Consumers
patch input format10.1 Selecting the patch Input Format
patch invocation15. Invoking patch
patch messages and questions10.11 Messages and Questions from patch
patch options15.1 Options to patch
patch producer tips11.1 Tips for Patch Producers
patch, common mistakes11.3 Avoiding Common Mistakes
PATCH_GET10.2 Revision Control
patches, shrinking11.4 Generating Smaller Patches
patching directories10.7 Applying Patches in Other Directories
pebibyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp
performance of diff6. diff Performance Tradeoffs
petabyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp
POSIX10.12 patch and the POSIX Standard
POSIX17. Standards conformance
POSIXLY_CORRECT10.12 patch and the POSIX Standard
POSIXLY_CORRECT17. Standards conformance
projects for directories18.1 Suggested Projects for Improving GNU diff and patch

quoting style10.11.3 patch Quoting Style
QUOTING_STYLE10.11.3 patch Quoting Style

RCS10.2 Revision Control
RCS script output format2.5.3 RCS Scripts
regular expression matching headings2.3.3.1 Showing Lines That Match Regular Expressions
regular expression suppression1.5 Suppressing Lines Matching a Regular Expression
reject file names10.10 Reject File Names
removing empty files10.4 Creating and Removing Files
reporting bugs18.2 Reporting Bugs
reversed patches10.3.2 Applying Reversed Patches
revision control10.2 Revision Control

sample input for diff2.1 Two Sample Input Files
sample input for diff37.1 A Third Sample Input File
SCCS10.2 Revision Control
script output formats2.5 Making Edit Scripts
sdiff invocation16. Invoking sdiff
sdiff options16.1 Options to sdiff
sdiff output format9.1 Specifying diff Options to sdiff
section headings2.3.3 Showing Which Sections Differences Are in
side by side2.4 Showing Differences Side by Side
side by side format2.4.1 Controlling Side by Side Format
SIMPLE_BACKUP_SUFFIX10.9 Backup File Names
special files18.1.3 Files that are Neither Directories Nor Regular Files
specified headings2.3.3.1 Showing Lines That Match Regular Expressions
summarizing which files differ1.6 Summarizing Which Files Differ
System V diff3 compatibility8.5 Saving the Changed File

tab and blank difference suppression1.2 Suppressing Differences in Blank and Tab Spacing
tab stop alignment5.1 Preserving Tab Stop Alignment
tebibyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp
terabyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp
testing patch10.3.4 Predicting what patch will do
text versus binary diff1.7 Binary Files and Forcing Text Comparisons
time stamp format, context diffs2.3.1.1 Detailed Description of Context Format
time stamp format, unified diffs2.3.2.1 Detailed Description of Unified Format
time stamps on patched files10.5 Updating Time Stamps on Patched Files
traditional patch10.13 GNU patch and Traditional patch
two-column output2.4 Showing Differences Side by Side

unified output format2.3.2 Unified Format
unmerged change8.1 Selecting Which Changes to Incorporate

varying-width characters18.1.1 Handling Multibyte and Varying-Width Characters
verbose messages from patch10.11.1 Controlling the Verbosity of patch
version control10.2 Revision Control
VERSION_CONTROL10.2 Revision Control
VERSION_CONTROL10.9 Backup File Names

white space in patches10.3.1 Applying Patches with Changed White Space

yottabyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp

zettabyte, definition of12.1 Options to cmp

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