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9.1 Specifying diff Options to sdiff

The following sdiff options have the same meaning as for diff. See section Options to diff, for the use of these options.

-a -b -d -i -t -v
-B -E -I regexp

--ignore-blank-lines  --ignore-case
--ignore-matching-lines=regexp  --ignore-space-change
--left-column  --minimal  --speed-large-files
--strip-trailing-cr  --suppress-common-lines  --expand-tabs
--text  --version  --width=columns

For historical reasons, sdiff has alternate names for some options. The ‘-l’ option is equivalent to the ‘--left-column’ option, and similarly ‘-s’ is equivalent to ‘--suppress-common-lines’. The meaning of the sdiff-w’ and ‘-W’ options is interchanged from that of diff: with sdiff, ‘-w columns’ is equivalent to ‘--width=columns’, and ‘-W’ is equivalent to ‘--ignore-all-space’. sdiff without the ‘-o’ option is equivalent to diff with the ‘-y’ or ‘--side-by-side’ option (see section Showing Differences Side by Side).

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