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rpcsvchost(8)             BSD System Manager's Manual            rpcsvchost(8)


     rpcsvchost -- hosting environment for DCE/RPC services


     rpcsvchost [options] service [service ...]


     rpcsvchost is a very simple environment for hosting DCE/RPC services.  It
     loads DCE/RPC services from the list of plugins given as arguments, binds
     to an appropriate set of endpoints and listens for protocol requests.

     If service is not a relative file name, it is assumed to be the name of a
     dylib located in /usr/lib/rpcsvc.


     -debug, -nodebug
              rpcsvchost will log debug information and may perform extra
              diagnostic checks. This option is typically only useful for

     -endpoints BINDING [,BINDING]
              This argument specifies additional endpoints that rpcsvchost
              should attempt to bind.  BINDING must be a comma-separated list
              of DCE/RPC binding strings that include both the protocol
              sequence and endpoint fields.

     -help    Prints a usage message and exits.

     -launchd, -nolaunchd
              Normally, rpcsvchost attempts to bind all the well-known end-
              points specified by the service plugins.  If there are no well-
              known endpoints, it will bind new endpoints on all supported
              protocol sequences. The -launchd option disables this behavior
              and causes rpcsvchost to check in with launchd(8) to obtain a
              set of sockets to bind as protocol endpoints.

              Launchd sockets vended to rpcsvchost must be named with the
              appropriate DCE/RPC protocol sequence (eg. "ncacn_np").

     -sandbox, -nosandbox
              When this option is specified, the modules loaded by rpcsvchost
              will be run in a sandbox.  rpcsvchost will attempt to intialize
              the sandbox using the sandbox profile with the name
    <module-name>.sb. See sandbox(7) for an overview of
              the sandbox facility.

     -register, -noregister
              When this option is specified, rpcsvchost attempts to register
              the loaded services with the DCE/RPC endpoint mapper.

     -stdout  Causes rpcsvchost to print log messages to standard output
              instead of the system log.

              Causes rpcsvchost to wait for a debugger to attach after it has
              loaded and initialized its plugins. This is useful for debugging
              instances of rpcsvchost that are launched by launchd(8).


     The rpcsvchost utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     launchd.plist(5), launchd(8), sandbox(7)


     The rpcsvchost utility first appeared in Mac OS 10.7.

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