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sandbox(7)           BSD Miscellaneous Information Manual           sandbox(7)


     sandbox -- overview of the sandbox facility


     #include <sandbox.h>


     The sandbox facility allows applications to voluntarily restrict their
     access to operating system resources.  This safety mechanism is intended
     to limit potential damage in the event that a vulnerability is exploited.
     It is not a replacement for other operating system access controls.

     New processes inherit the sandbox of their parent.  Restrictions are gen-
     erally enforced upon acquisition of operating system resources only.  For
     example, if file system writes are restricted, an application will not be
     able to open(2) a file for writing.  However, if the application already
     has a file descriptor opened for writing, it may use that file descriptor
     regardless of restrictions.


     sandbox-exec(1), sandbox_init(3), sandboxd(8)

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