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mkbom(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                 mkbom(8)


     mkbom -- create a bill-of-materials file


     mkbom [-s] directory bom
     mkbom [-s] -i filelist bom
     mkbom -h | --help


     The mkbom command creates a bill-of-materials (bom(5)).  You must specify
     either a source as a directory, or a text file containing a file listing
     as outputted by lsbom(8).  mkbom will generate bill-of-materials informa-
     tion based on that information.  Any existing bomfile will be overwritten
     by the new bomfile.


     -h           print full usage

     -s           create a simplified bom containing only file paths

     -i filelist  use the information in filelist, one entry per line, to con-
                  struct the bom file. The format of the file should match
                  lsbom(8) output with no formatting options (the default). If
                  -s is given to mkbom, the input filelist should contain only
                  pathnames, as with lsbom -s.


     bom(5), ditto(8), mkbom(8)


     The mkbom command appeared in NeXTSTEP as a tool to create bom files used
     during installation.

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