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sandbox-exec(1)           BSD General Commands Manual          sandbox-exec(1)


     sandbox-exec -- execute within a sandbox


     sandbox-exec [-f profile-file] [-n profile-name] [-p profile-string]
                  [-D key=value ...] command [arguments ...]


     The sandbox-exec command enters a sandbox using a profile specified by
     the -f, -n, or -p option and executes command with arguments.

     The options are as follows:

     -f profile-file
             Read the profile from the file named profile-file.

     -n profile-name
             Use the pre-defined profile profile-name.

     -p profile-string
             Specify the profile to be used on the command line.

     -D key=value
             Set the profile parameter key to value.


     sandbox_init(3), sandbox(7), sandboxd(8)

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