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man.conf(5)                                                        man.conf(5)


       man.conf - configuration data for man


       This file is read by man(1) and contains (a) information on how to con-
       struct the search path for man, (b) full path names  for  various  pro-
       grams like nroff, eqn, tbl etc. used by man, and (c) a list with uncom-
       pressors for files with a given extension.  An alternative  version  of
       this file can be specified with

              man -C private_man.conf ...

       The  command  names  may  be  provided with options.  Useful options to
       nroff can be found in grotty(1).  For example, instead of  the  default

              NROFF /usr/bin/groff -mandoc -Tlatin1

       one may write

              NROFF /usr/bin/groff -mandoc -Tlatin1 -P-u -P-b

       in order to suppress underlining and overstriking.




       John  W.  Eaton  was  the  original  author  of man.  Zeyd M. Ben-Halim
       released man 1.2, and Andries Brouwer followed  up  with  versions  1.3
       thru  1.5p.   Federico  Lucifredi  <>  is the current


       col(1),  (g)eqn(1),  (g)pic(1),   groff(1),   grotty(1),   (g)refer(1),
       (g)tbl(1), less(1), man (1) and compress(1), gzip(1).

                              September 19, 2005                   man.conf(5)

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