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bootptab(5)                 BSD File Formats Manual                bootptab(5)


     bootptab -- Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database


     The file /etc/bootptab contains a list of host entries used by bootpd
     (see bootpd(8)) to associate a hardware address with a particular IP

     The bootptab file contains two sections.   The two sections are separated
     by a single line containing just "%%".  The first section is ignored.
     The second section contains host entries, one host per line.  The format
     of the line is:
     hostname     hwtype     hwaddr     ipaddr     bootfile


     Here is an example /etc/bootptab:
     # bootptab example
     # machine entries have the following format:
     # hostname      hwtype  hwaddr              ipaddr          bootfile
     client1         1       00:01:02:03:04:05       boot0
     client2         1       00:a0:b2:ef:ff:0a       boot


     xinetd(8), tftpd(8), netinfo(5), exports(5)

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