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acl_get_qualifier(3)     BSD Library Functions Manual     acl_get_qualifier(3)


     acl_get_qualifier -- retrieve the qualifier from an ACL entry


     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/acl.h>

     void *
     acl_get_qualifier(acl_entry_t entry_d);


     The acl_get_qualifier() function is a POSIX.1e call that retrieves the
     qualifier of the tag for the ACL entry indicated by the argument entry_d
     into working storage and returns a pointer to that storage.

     If the value of the tag type in the ACL entry referred to by entry_d is
     ACL_EXTENDED_ALLOW or ACL_EXTENDED_DENY The value returned by
     acl_get_qualifier() will be a pointer to type guid_t.

     If the value of the tag type in the ACL entry referred to by entry_d is
     ACL_UNDEFINED_TAG, a tag type specified by POSIX.1e but not supported or
     an implementation-defined value for which a qualifier is not supported,
     then acl_get_qualifier() will return a value of (void *)NULL and the
     function will fail.

     This function may cause memory to be allocated.  The caller should free
     any releasable memory, when the new qualifier is no longer required, by
     calling acl_free() with void * as the argument.


     The acl_get_qualifier() function returns a pointer to the allocated stor-
     age if successful; otherwise a NULL pointer is returned and the global
     variable errno is set to indicate the error.


     The acl_get_qualifier() fails if:

     [EINVAL]           Argument entry_d does not point to a valid descriptor
                        for an ACL entry.  The value of the tag type in the
                        ACL entry referenced by argument entry_d is not
                        ACL_EXTENDED_ALLOW or ACL_EXTENDED_DENY.

     [ENOMEM]           The value to be returned requires more memory than is
                        allowed by the hardware or system-imposed memory man-
                        agement constraints.


     acl(3), acl_create_entry(3), acl_free(3), acl_get_entry(3),
     acl_get_tag_type(3), acl_set_qualifier(3), acl_set_tag_type(3),


     POSIX.1e is described in IEEE POSIX.1e draft 17.


     Michael Smith
     Chris D. Faulhaber

BSD                             March 13, 2001                             BSD

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