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acl_get_entry(3)         BSD Library Functions Manual         acl_get_entry(3)


     acl_get_entry -- retrieve an ACL entry from an ACL


     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/acl.h>

     acl_get_entry(acl_t acl, int entry_id, acl_entry_t *entry_p);


     The acl_get_entry() function is a POSIX.1e call that retrieves a descrip-
     tor for an ACL entry specified by the argument entry_d within the ACL
     indicated by the argument acl.

     If the value of entry_id is ACL_FIRST_ENTRY, then the function will
     return in entry_p a descriptor for the first ACL entry within acl.  If a
     call is made to acl_get_entry() with entry_id set to ACL_NEXT_ENTRY when
     there has not been either an initial successful call to acl_get_entry(),
     or a previous successfull call to acl_create_entry(), acl_delete_entry(),
     acl_dup(), acl_from_text(), acl_get_fd(), acl_get_file(), acl_set_fd(),
     acl_set_file(), or acl_valid(), then the result is unspecified.

     The caller may also set entry_id to the index of the desired entry within
     the ACL.  This is a non-portable extension.  A subsequent call with
     entry_id set to ACL_NEXT_ENTRY will return the entry following the previ-
     ously nominated entry and so forth.


     If the acl_get_entry() function successfully obtains an ACL entry, a
     value of 0 is returned.  Otherwise, a value of -1 will be returned and
     the global variable errno will be set to indicate the error.


     The acl_get_entry() fails if:

     [EINVAL]           Argument acl does not point to a valid ACL.  Argument
                        entry_id is neither ACL_FIRST_ENTRY, ACL_NEXT_ENTRY or
                        a valid entry index.

     [EINVAL]           The value of entry_id is ACL_NEXT_ENTRY and the last
                        ACL entry in the ACL has already been returned by a
                        previous call to acl_get_entry().


     acl(3), acl_calc_mask(3), acl_create_entry(3), acl_delete_entry(3),
     acl_dup(3), acl_from_text(3), acl_get_fd(3), acl_get_file(3),
     acl_init(3), acl_set_fd(3), acl_set_file(3), acl_valid(3), posix1e(3)


     POSIX.1e is described in IEEE POSIX.1e draft 17.


     Michael Smith
     Chris D. Faulhaber

BSD                             April 13, 2001                             BSD

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