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zdiff(1)                  BSD General Commands Manual                 zdiff(1)


     zcmp, zdiff -- compare compressed files


     zcmp [options] file [file2]
     zdiff [options] file [file2]


     zcmp and zdiff are filters that invoke cmp(1) or diff(1) respectively to
     compare compressed files.  Any options that are specified are passed to
     cmp(1) or diff(1).

     If only file1 is specified, it is compared against a file with the same
     name, but with the extension removed.  When both file1 or file2 are spec-
     ified, either file may be compressed.

     Extensions handled by gzip(1):
     o   z, Z,
     o   gz,
     o   taz,
     o   tgz.

     Extensions handled by bzip2(1):
     o   bz,
     o   bz2,
     o   tbz,
     o   tbz2.

     Extensions handled by xz(1):
     o   lzma,
     o   xz,
     o   tlz,
     o   txz.


     TMPDIR  Directory in which to place temporary files.  If unset, /tmp is


     /tmp/zcmp.XXXXXXXXXX   Temporary file for zcmp.
     /tmp/zdiff.XXXXXXXXXX  Temporary file for zdiff.


     bzip2(1), cmp(1), diff(1), gzip(1), xz(1)


     zcmp and zdiff rely solely on the file extension to determine what is, or
     is not, a compressed file.  Consequently, the following are not supported
     as arguments:

     -   directories

     -   device special files

     -   filenames indicating the standard input (``-'')

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