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strings(1)                                                          strings(1)


       strings - find the printable strings in a object, or other binary, file


       strings [ - ] [ -a ] [ -o ] [ -t format ] [ -number ]  [  -n  number  ]
       [--] [file ...]


       Strings  looks  for  ASCII  strings in a binary file or standard input.
       Strings is useful for identifying random object files  and  many  other
       things.   A  string is any sequence of 4 (the default) or more printing
       characters ending with a newline or a  null.   Unless  the  -  flag  is
       given,  strings  looks  in  all sections of the object files except the
       (__TEXT,__text) section.  If no files are specified standard  input  is

       The  file arguments may be of the form libx.a(foo.o), to request infor-
       mation about only that object file and not the entire library.   (Typi-
       cally  this  argument must be quoted, ``libx.a(foo.o)'', to get it past
       the shell.)

       The options to strings(1) are:

       -a     This option causes strings to look for strings in  all  sections
              of the object file (including the (__TEXT,__text) section.

       -      This  option  causes strings to look for strings in all bytes of
              the files (the default for non-object files).

       --     This option causes strings to treat all the following  arguments
              as files.

       -o     Preceded each string by its offset in the file (in decimal).

       -t format
              Write  each string preceded by its byte offset from the start of
              the file.  The format shall be dependent on the single character
              used as the format option-argument:

       d      The offset shall be written in decimal.

       o      The offset shall be written in octal.

       x      The offset shall be written in hexadecimal.

              The  decimal  number is used as the minimum string length rather
              than the default of 4.

       -n number
              Specify the minimum string length, where the number argument  is
              a positive decimal integer. The default shall be 4.

       -arch arch_type
              Specifies   the   architecture,   arch_type,  of  the  file  for
              strings(1) to operate on when the  file  is  a  universal  file.
              (See  arch(3) for the currently know arch_types.)  The arch_type
              can be "all" to operate on all architectures in the file.




       The algorithm for identifying strings is extremely primitive.

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