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pfbtops(1)                  General Commands Manual                 pfbtops(1)


       pfbtops - translate PostScript Printer Font Binary files to Printer
       Font ASCII


       pfbtops [pfb-file]

       pfbtops --help

       pfbtops -v
       pfbtops --version


       pfbtops translates a PostScript Type 1 font in Printer Font Binary
       (PFB) format to Printer Font ASCII (PFA) format, splitting overlong
       lines in text packets into smaller chunks.  If pfb-file is omitted, the
       PFB file will be read from the standard input stream.  The PFA font
       will be written on the standard output stream.  PostScript fonts for
       MS-DOS were historically supplied in PFB format.  Use of a PostScript
       Type 1 font with groff requires conversion of its metrics (AFM file) to
       a groff font description file; see afmtodit(1).

       The --help option displays a usage message, while -v and --version show
       version information; all exit afterward.

See also

       grops(1), gropdf(1)

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