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OPENSSL-DSAPARAM(1ossl)             OpenSSL            OPENSSL-DSAPARAM(1ossl)


       openssl-dsaparam - DSA parameter manipulation and generation


       openssl dsaparam [-help] [-inform DER|PEM] [-outform DER|PEM] [-in
       filename] [-out filename] [-noout] [-text] [-genkey] [-verbose]
       [-quiet] [-rand files] [-writerand file] [-engine id] [-provider name]
       [-provider-path path] [-propquery propq] [numbits] [numqbits]


       This command is used to manipulate or generate DSA parameter files.

       DSA parameter generation can be a slow process and as a result the same
       set of DSA parameters is often used to generate several distinct keys.


           Print out a usage message.

       -inform DER|PEM
           The DSA parameters input format; unspecified by default.  See
           openssl-format-options(1) for details.

       -outform DER|PEM
           The DSA parameters output format; the default is PEM.  See
           openssl-format-options(1) for details.

           Parameters are a sequence of ASN.1 INTEGERs: p, q, and g.  This is
           compatible with RFC 2459 DSS-Parms structure.

       -in filename
           This specifies the input filename to read parameters from or
           standard input if this option is not specified. If the numbits
           parameter is included then this option will be ignored.

       -out filename
           This specifies the output filename parameters to. Standard output
           is used if this option is not present. The output filename should
           not be the same as the input filename.

           This option inhibits the output of the encoded version of the

           This option prints out the DSA parameters in human readable form.

           This option will generate a DSA either using the specified or
           generated parameters.

           Print extra details about the operations being performed.

           Print fewer details about the operations being performed, which may
           be handy during batch scripts and pipelines.

       -rand files, -writerand file
           See "Random State Options" in openssl(1) for details.

       -engine id
           See "Engine Options" in openssl(1).  This option is deprecated.

           This optional argument specifies that a parameter set should be
           generated of size numbits. If this argument is included then the
           input file (if any) is ignored.

           This optional argument specifies that a parameter set should be
           generated with a subprime parameter q of size numqbits. It must be
           the last argument. If this argument is included then the input file
           (if any) is ignored.

       -provider name
       -provider-path path
       -propquery propq
           See "Provider Options" in openssl(1), provider(7), and property(7).


       openssl(1), openssl-pkeyparam(1), openssl-gendsa(1), openssl-dsa(1),
       openssl-genrsa(1), openssl-rsa(1)


       The -engine option was deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

       The -C option was removed in OpenSSL 3.0.


       Copyright 2000-2023 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

       Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (the "License").  You may not use
       this file except in compliance with the License.  You can obtain a copy
       in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at

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