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jobs(1)                              fish                              jobs(1)


       jobs - print currently running jobs

       jobs [OPTIONS] [PID]

       The jobs builtin causes fish to print a list of the currently running
       jobs and their status.

       jobs accepts the following switches:

       o -c or --command print the command name for each process in jobs

       o -g or --group only print the group id of each job

       o -h or --help display a help message and exit

       o -l or --last only the last job to be started is printed

       o -p or --pid print the process id for each process in all jobs

       On systems that supports this feature, jobs will print the CPU usage of
       each job since the last command was executed. The CPU usage is
       expressed as a percentage of full CPU activity. Note that on
       multiprocessor systems, the total activity may be more than 100%.

Version 1.23.1                    8 Mar 2009                           jobs(1)

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