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Function and Variable Index

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Index Entry Section

_rl_digit_p2.4.10 Utility Functions
_rl_digit_value2.4.10 Utility Functions
_rl_lowercase_p2.4.10 Utility Functions
_rl_to_lower2.4.10 Utility Functions
_rl_to_upper2.4.10 Utility Functions
_rl_uppercase_p2.4.10 Utility Functions

abort (C-g)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
accept-line (Newline or Return)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History

backward-char (C-b)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
backward-delete-char (Rubout)1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text
backward-kill-line (C-x Rubout)1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
backward-kill-word (M-<DEL>)1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
backward-word (M-b)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
beginning-of-history (M-<)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
beginning-of-line (C-a)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
bell-style1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
bind-tty-special-chars1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax

call-last-kbd-macro (C-x e)1.4.7 Keyboard Macros
capitalize-word (M-c)1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text
character-search (C-])1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
character-search-backward (M-C-])1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
clear-screen (C-l)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
comment-begin1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
complete (<TAB>)1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
completion-display-width1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
completion-ignore-case1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
completion-map-case1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
completion-prefix-display-length1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
completion-query-items1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
convert-meta1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
copy-backward-word ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
copy-forward-word ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
copy-region-as-kill ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking

delete-char (C-d)1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text
delete-char-or-list ()1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
delete-horizontal-space ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
digit-argument (M-0, M-1, … M--)1.4.5 Specifying Numeric Arguments
disable-completion1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
do-uppercase-version (M-a, M-b, M-x, …)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
downcase-word (M-l)1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text
dump-functions ()1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
dump-macros ()1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
dump-variables ()1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands

editing-mode1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
emacs-editing-mode (C-e)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
enable-keypad1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
end-kbd-macro (C-x ))1.4.7 Keyboard Macros
end-of-history (M->)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
end-of-line (C-e)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
exchange-point-and-mark (C-x C-x)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
expand-tilde1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax

forward-backward-delete-char ()1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text
forward-char (C-f)1.4.1 Commands For Moving
forward-search-history (C-s)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
forward-word (M-f)1.4.1 Commands For Moving

history-preserve-point1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
history-search-backward ()1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
history-search-forward ()1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
history-size1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
horizontal-scroll-mode1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax

input-meta1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
insert-comment (M-#)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
insert-completions (M-*)1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
isearch-terminators1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax

keymap1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
kill-line (C-k)1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
kill-region ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
kill-whole-line ()1.4.4 Killing And Yanking
kill-word (M-d)1.4.4 Killing And Yanking

mark-modified-lines1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
mark-symlinked-directories1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
match-hidden-files1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
menu-complete ()1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
menu-complete-backward ()1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
menu-complete-display-prefix1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
meta-flag1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax

next-history (C-n)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
non-incremental-forward-search-history (M-n)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
non-incremental-reverse-search-history (M-p)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History

output-meta1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
overwrite-mode ()1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text

page-completions1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
possible-completions (M-?)1.4.6 Letting Readline Type For You
prefix-meta (<ESC>)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
previous-history (C-p)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History

quoted-insert (C-q or C-v)1.4.3 Commands For Changing Text

re-read-init-file (C-x C-r)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
readline2.1 Basic Behavior
redraw-current-line ()1.4.1 Commands For Moving
reverse-search-history (C-r)1.4.2 Commands For Manipulating The History
revert-all-at-newline1.3.1 Readline Init File Syntax
revert-line (M-r)1.4.8 Some Miscellaneous Commands
rl_add_defun2.4.1 Naming a Function
rl_add_funmap_entry2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_add_undo2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_alphabetic2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_already_prompted2.3 Readline Variables
rl_attempted_completion_function2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_attempted_completion_over2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_basic_quote_characters2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_basic_word_break_characters2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_begin_undo_group2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_binding_keymap2.3 Readline Variables
rl_bind_key2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_keyseq2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_keyseq_if_unbound2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_keyseq_if_unbound_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_keyseq_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_key_if_unbound2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_key_if_unbound_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_bind_key_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_callback_handler_install2.4.12 Alternate Interface
rl_callback_handler_remove2.4.12 Alternate Interface
rl_callback_read_char2.4.12 Alternate Interface
rl_catch_signals2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_catch_sigwinch2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_char_is_quoted_p2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_cleanup_after_signal2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_clear_message2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_clear_pending_input2.4.8 Character Input
rl_clear_signals2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_complete2.6.1 How Completing Works
rl_complete2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_completer_quote_characters2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completer_word_break_characters2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_complete_internal2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_completion_append_character2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_display_matches_hook2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_entry_function2.6.1 How Completing Works
rl_completion_entry_function2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_found_quote2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_invoking_key2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_mark_symlink_dirs2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_matches2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_completion_mode2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_completion_query_items2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_quote_character2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_suppress_append2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_suppress_quote2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_type2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_completion_word_break_hook2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_copy_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_copy_text2.4.7 Modifying Text
rl_crlf2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_delete_text2.4.7 Modifying Text
rl_deprep_terminal2.4.9 Terminal Management
rl_deprep_term_function2.3 Readline Variables
rl_ding2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_directory_completion_hook2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_discard_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_dispatching2.3 Readline Variables
rl_display_match_list2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_display_prompt2.3 Readline Variables
rl_done2.3 Readline Variables
rl_do_undo2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_echo_signal_char2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_editing_mode2.3 Readline Variables
rl_end2.3 Readline Variables
rl_end_undo_group2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_erase_empty_line2.3 Readline Variables
rl_event_hook2.3 Readline Variables
rl_execute_next2.4.8 Character Input
rl_executing_keymap2.3 Readline Variables
rl_executing_macro2.3 Readline Variables
rl_expand_prompt2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_explicit_arg2.3 Readline Variables
rl_extend_line_buffer2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_filename_completion_desired2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_filename_completion_function2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_filename_dequoting_function2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_filename_quote_characters2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_filename_quoting_desired2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_filename_quoting_function2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_filename_rewrite_hook2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_forced_update_display2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_free2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_free_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_free_line_state2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_free_undo_list2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_function_dumper2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_function_of_keyseq2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_funmap_names2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_generic_bind2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_getc2.4.8 Character Input
rl_getc_function2.3 Readline Variables
rl_get_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_get_keymap_by_name2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_get_keymap_name2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_get_screen_size2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_get_termcap2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_gnu_readline_p2.3 Readline Variables
rl_ignore_completion_duplicates2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_ignore_some_completions_function2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_inhibit_completion2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_initialize2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_insert_completions2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_insert_text2.4.7 Modifying Text
rl_instream2.3 Readline Variables
rl_invoking_keyseqs2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_invoking_keyseqs_in_map2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_kill_text2.4.7 Modifying Text
rl_last_func2.3 Readline Variables
rl_library_version2.3 Readline Variables
rl_line_buffer2.3 Readline Variables
rl_list_funmap_names2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_macro_bind2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_macro_dumper2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_make_bare_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_make_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_mark2.3 Readline Variables
rl_message2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_modifying2.4.5 Allowing Undoing
rl_named_function2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings
rl_numeric_arg2.3 Readline Variables
rl_num_chars_to_read2.3 Readline Variables
rl_on_new_line2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_on_new_line_with_prompt2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_outstream2.3 Readline Variables
rl_parse_and_bind2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_pending_input2.3 Readline Variables
rl_point2.3 Readline Variables
rl_possible_completions2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_prefer_env_winsize2.3 Readline Variables
rl_prep_terminal2.4.9 Terminal Management
rl_prep_term_function2.3 Readline Variables
rl_pre_input_hook2.3 Readline Variables
rl_prompt2.3 Readline Variables
rl_push_macro_input2.4.7 Modifying Text
rl_readline_name2.3 Readline Variables
rl_readline_state2.3 Readline Variables
rl_readline_version2.3 Readline Variables
rl_read_init_file2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_read_key2.4.8 Character Input
rl_redisplay2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_redisplay_function2.3 Readline Variables
rl_replace_line2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_reset_after_signal2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_reset_line_state2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_reset_screen_size2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_reset_terminal2.4.9 Terminal Management
rl_resize_terminal2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_restore_prompt2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_restore_state2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_save_prompt2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_save_state2.4.10 Utility Functions
rl_set_key2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_set_keyboard_input_timeout2.4.8 Character Input
rl_set_keymap2.4.2 Selecting a Keymap
rl_set_paren_blink_timeout2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_set_prompt2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_set_screen_size2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_set_signals2.5 Readline Signal Handling
rl_show_char2.4.6 Redisplay
rl_sort_completion_matches2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_special_prefixes2.6.3 Completion Variables
rl_startup_hook2.3 Readline Variables
rl_stuff_char2.4.8 Character Input
rl_terminal_name2.3 Readline Variables
rl_tty_set_default_bindings2.4.9 Terminal Management
rl_tty_unset_default_bindings2.4.9 Terminal Management
rl_unbind_command_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_unbind_function_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_unbind_key2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_unbind_key_in_map2.4.3 Binding Keys
rl_username_completion_function2.6.2 Completion Functions
rl_variable_bind2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_variable_dumper2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions
rl_variable_value2.4.11 Miscellaneous Functions

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