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2.4.4 Associating Function Names and Bindings

These functions allow you to find out what keys invoke named functions and the functions invoked by a particular key sequence. You may also associate a new function name with an arbitrary function.

Function: rl_command_func_t * rl_named_function (const char *name)

Return the function with name name.

Function: rl_command_func_t * rl_function_of_keyseq (const char *keyseq, Keymap map, int *type)

Return the function invoked by keyseq in keymap map. If map is NULL, the current keymap is used. If type is not NULL, the type of the object is returned in the int variable it points to (one of ISFUNC, ISKMAP, or ISMACR).

Function: char ** rl_invoking_keyseqs (rl_command_func_t *function)

Return an array of strings representing the key sequences used to invoke function in the current keymap.

Function: char ** rl_invoking_keyseqs_in_map (rl_command_func_t *function, Keymap map)

Return an array of strings representing the key sequences used to invoke function in the keymap map.

Function: void rl_function_dumper (int readable)

Print the readline function names and the key sequences currently bound to them to rl_outstream. If readable is non-zero, the list is formatted in such a way that it can be made part of an inputrc file and re-read.

Function: void rl_list_funmap_names (void)

Print the names of all bindable Readline functions to rl_outstream.

Function: const char ** rl_funmap_names (void)

Return a NULL terminated array of known function names. The array is sorted. The array itself is allocated, but not the strings inside. You should free the array, but not the pointers, using free or rl_free when you are done.

Function: int rl_add_funmap_entry (const char *name, rl_command_func_t *function)

Add name to the list of bindable Readline command names, and make function the function to be called when name is invoked.

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