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$, shell prompt1.7 Conventions used in this manual

2D histograms21.12 Two dimensional histograms
2D random direction vector19.23 Spherical Vector Distributions

3-j symbols7.8 Coupling Coefficients
3D random direction vector19.23 Spherical Vector Distributions

6-j symbols7.8 Coupling Coefficients

9-j symbols7.8 Coupling Coefficients

acceleration of series29. Series Acceleration
acosh4.3 Elementary Functions
Adaptive step-size control, differential equations25.3 Adaptive Step-size Control
Ai(x)7.4 Airy Functions and Derivatives
Airy functions7.4 Airy Functions and Derivatives
Akima splines26.3 Interpolation Types
aliasing of arrays2.11 Aliasing of arrays
alternative optimized functions2.8 Alternative optimized functions
AMAX, Level-1 BLAS12.1.1 Level 1
Angular Mathieu Functions7.26.3 Angular Mathieu Functions
angular reduction7.31.5 Restriction Functions
ANSI C, use of2. Using the library
Apell symbol, see Pochammer symbol7.19.3 Pochhammer Symbol
approximate comparison of floating point numbers4.8 Approximate Comparison of Floating Point Numbers
arctangent integral7.17.6 Arctangent Integral
argument of complex number5.2 Properties of complex numbers
arithmetic exceptions40.2 Setting up your IEEE environment
asinh4.3 Elementary Functions
astronomical constants39.2 Astronomy and Astrophysics
ASUM, Level-1 BLAS12.1.1 Level 1
atanh4.3 Elementary Functions
atomic physics, constants39.3 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
autoconf, using with GSLC. Autoconf Macros
AXPY, Level-1 BLAS12.1.1 Level 1

B-spline wavelets30.2 Initialization
Bader and Deuflhard, Bulirsch-Stoer method.25.2 Stepping Functions
balancing matrices13.14 Balancing
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS)12. BLAS Support
Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines (BLAS)D. GSL CBLAS Library
basis splines, B-splines38. Basis Splines
basis splines, derivatives38.5 Evaluation of B-spline derivatives
basis splines, evaluation38.4 Evaluation of B-splines
basis splines, examples38.6 Example programs for B-splines
basis splines, initializing38.2 Initializing the B-splines solver
basis splines, overview38.1 Overview
Bernoulli trial, random variates19.30 The Bernoulli Distribution
Bessel functions7.5 Bessel Functions
Bessel Functions, Fractional Order7.5.9 Regular Bessel Function—Fractional Order
best-fit parameters, covariance37.8 Computing the covariance matrix of best fit parameters
Beta distribution19.20 The Beta Distribution
Beta function7.19.5 Beta Functions
Beta function, incomplete normalized7.19.6 Incomplete Beta Function
BFGS algorithm, minimization35.7 Algorithms with Derivatives
Bi(x)7.4 Airy Functions and Derivatives
bias, IEEE format40.1 Representation of floating point numbers
bidiagonalization of real matrices13.10 Bidiagonalization
binning data21. Histograms
Binomial random variates19.31 The Binomial Distribution
biorthogonal wavelets30.2 Initialization
bisection algorithm for finding roots32.8 Root Bracketing Algorithms
Bivariate Gaussian distribution19.4 The Bivariate Gaussian Distribution
BLAS12. BLAS Support
BLAS, Low-level C interfaceD. GSL CBLAS Library
blocks8. Vectors and Matrices
bounds checking, extension to GCC8.3.2 Accessing vector elements
breakpointsA.1 Using gdb
Brent's method for finding minima33.7 Minimization Algorithms
Brent's method for finding roots32.8 Root Bracketing Algorithms
Broyden algorithm for multidimensional roots34.7 Algorithms without Derivatives
BSD random number generator17.10 Unix random number generators
bug-gsl mailing list1.5 Reporting Bugs
bugs, how to report1.5 Reporting Bugs
Bulirsch-Stoer method25.2 Stepping Functions

C extensions, compatible use of2. Using the library
C++, compatibility2.10 Compatibility with C++
C99, inline keyword2.5 Inline functions
Carlson forms of Elliptic integrals7.13.2 Definition of Carlson Forms
Cash-Karp, Runge-Kutta method25.2 Stepping Functions
Cauchy distribution19.8 The Cauchy Distribution
Cauchy principal value, by numerical quadrature16.7 QAWC adaptive integration for Cauchy principal values
CBLAS12. BLAS Support
CBLAS, Low-level interfaceD. GSL CBLAS Library
CDFs, cumulative distribution functions19. Random Number Distributions
ce(q,x), Mathieu function7.26.3 Angular Mathieu Functions
Chebyshev series28. Chebyshev Approximations
checking combination for validity10.4 Combination properties
checking permutation for validity9.4 Permutation properties
Chi(x)7.17.3 Hyperbolic Integrals
Chi-squared distribution19.17 The Chi-squared Distribution
Cholesky decomposition13.5 Cholesky Decomposition
Ci(x)7.17.5 Trigonometric Integrals
Clausen functions7.6 Clausen Functions
Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature16.1.2 Integrands with weight functions
CMRG, combined multiple recursive random number generator17.9 Random number generator algorithms
code reuse in applications2.14 Code Reuse
combinations10. Combinations
combinatorial factor C(m,n)7.19.2 Factorials
combinatorial optimization24. Simulated Annealing
comparison functions, definition11.1 Sorting objects
compatibility2. Using the library
compiling programs, include paths2.2 Compiling and Linking
compiling programs, library paths2.2.1 Linking programs with the library
complementary incomplete Gamma function7.19.4 Incomplete Gamma Functions
complete Fermi-Dirac integrals7.18.1 Complete Fermi-Dirac Integrals
complex arithmetic5.3 Complex arithmetic operators
complex cosine function, special functions7.31.2 Trigonometric Functions for Complex Arguments
Complex Gamma function7.19.1 Gamma Functions
complex hermitian matrix, eigensystem14.2 Complex Hermitian Matrices
complex log sine function, special functions7.31.2 Trigonometric Functions for Complex Arguments
complex numbers5. Complex Numbers
complex sinc function, special functions7.31.1 Circular Trigonometric Functions
complex sine function, special functions7.31.2 Trigonometric Functions for Complex Arguments
confluent hypergeometric function7.22 Laguerre Functions
confluent hypergeometric functions7.21 Hypergeometric Functions
conical functions7.24 Legendre Functions and Spherical Harmonics
Conjugate gradient algorithm, minimization35.7 Algorithms with Derivatives
conjugate of complex number5.3 Complex arithmetic operators
constant matrix8.4.3 Initializing matrix elements
constants, fundamental39.1 Fundamental Constants
constants, mathematical—defined as macros4.1 Mathematical Constants
constants, physical39. Physical Constants
constants, prefixes39.16 Prefixes
contacting the GSL developers1.6 Further Information
conventions, used in manual1.7 Conventions used in this manual
convergence, accelerating a series29. Series Acceleration
conversion of units39. Physical Constants
cooling schedule24.1 Simulated Annealing algorithm
COPY, Level-1 BLAS12.1.1 Level 1
correlation, of two datasets20.6 Correlation
cosine function, special functions7.31.1 Circular Trigonometric Functions
cosine of complex number5.5 Complex Trigonometric Functions
cost function24. Simulated Annealing
Coulomb wave functions7.7 Coulomb Functions
coupling coefficients7.8 Coupling Coefficients
covariance matrix, from linear regression36.2 Linear regression
covariance matrix, linear fits36.1 Overview
covariance matrix, nonlinear fits37.8 Computing the covariance matrix of best fit parameters
covariance, of two datasets20.5 Covariance
CRAY random number generator, RANF17.11 Other random number generators
cubic equation, solving6.4 Cubic Equations
cubic splines26.3 Interpolation Types
cumulative distribution functions (CDFs)19. Random Number Distributions
Cylindrical Bessel Functions7.5.1 Regular Cylindrical Bessel Functions

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